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Planets and Occupations of Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Most of the readers are familiar with Varaha Mihira’s rule that profession is indicated by the planet which is in the 10th from the Sun or the Moon or the planets who are lords of the signs or Navamsas, in which the lords of the 10th from the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant are placed.

Naturally, according to the above dictum, there would be more than one planet pointing to the source of income. Of these, I attach the greatest importance to the planet or planets in the 10th from the Ascendant, or the Moon rather than to the lords of the signs or Navamsas, in which the lords of the 10th from the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon are placed. Varaha Mihira, however, gives a very small list of professions or commodities (in which the native may deal) under each of the planets.

According to him, for judging the source of income, the Sun represents the father, the Moon the mother, Mars enemies and Mercury friends. Commentators have included maternal uncle also under Mercury. Jupiter indicates gain from brothers. Venus is the significator of wife and Saturn of employees. Gargi also states the same formula and advises that the source of income would be from the strongest of the qualifying planets. But we find in life that many men do not earn from one source alone. Naturally if different planets qualify, they contribute in giving money through professions and commodities falling in their provinces.

Some astrologers have advanced the theory that the sub-division of the Nakshatra falling on the 10th cusp determines profession but I have grave doubts whether this theory can hold universally.
Further on, Varaha Mihira specifies grass, gold, wool and medicines as falling under the Sun. Under the Moon, he mentions agriculture, aqueous products, patronage of women. I would not repeat the commodities or professions specified under each planet-as most of the readers are familiar with the tenth chapter of Brihat Jataka. Uttarakalamrita gives a longer list of commodities vis-à-vis planets. For example, under Mars, in Chapter V, the author states the following:

(i) Prowess, (ii) land, (iii) strength, (iv) wearing arms for battle, (v) kingship, (vi) hostility, (vii) enemy, (viii) things of deep red colour, (ix) quadrupeds, (x) service under a king (Mars is a natural karaka for the 6th house and this house pertains to service), (xi) aze, (xii) foresters, (xiii) goldsmith, (xiv) copper, (xv) iron, (xvi) management of wild animals, (xvii) speech, (xviii) blood, etc.

The list is very long and I have quoted a few items to show how diverse commodities and professions have been listed under one planet. It is generally found that Mars in the 3rd inclines to wearing arms. Mars in the 10th leads one to enter police or military service. But here also we cannot say that all people with Mars in the 10th would be in the police or military service. The native may be engaged in any other occupation of the Mars group. He may be a businessman and may deal in copper, wheat, red cloth or red commodities. He may own a factory, have furnaces or deal in electrical goods.

Turning to Jaimini Sutrs, he describes certain effects due to the location of Atmakaraka in a particular Navamsa. In casaes of Navamsas other than Libra, certain effects have been described buy they do not pertain to profession. Only in the case of Libra, the Sutras state that if the Atmakaraka is in this Navamsa, the native would be engaged in trade and commerce.

Further, if the Sun is in Karakamsa, the native works in the employ of a king; if the Full Moon and Venus are there, the native earns his livelihood by is learning; if Mars is there, the native engages in the work of chemicals, metals or is a weaver or lives by profession connected with fire; if Mercury is there, he earns his livelihood by trade, cloth, crafts and is clever in dealing; if Venus is there, he works as a government servant; if Saturn is there, he performs famous deeds; if Rahu, the native keeps bow and arrow, is a thief and a physician dealing with poisons; if Ketu, he engages in the trade of elephants and is a thief.

Thus we observe that the ancients have not dealt at length on the question of profession or means of livelihood and the meager directions laid in ancient texts to not fulfil the complex needs of present day professions.

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