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Jupiter and the Second House Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Jupiter as lord of 6 in 2, shows steady income by service; it gives an inclination to study medicine or to become a Veterinary Surgeon. A person may obtain money by dealing in cattle and pet animals or poultry farming, he will tame and train the animals. Jupiter in the constellation of evil planets indicates loss, limitation, litigation, sickness etc. There will be labour trouble, scandal, ill-repute and waste of money.

Jupiter, as lord of 7 in 2, is a clear indication of advantages by marrying a wealthy person. One can expect satisfactory share of profit, gain by union, success in law suits, danger to public enemies, and gains by entering into any agreement with another. If lord of 7 is afflicted and occupies the second house, there will surely be loss through the other sex, partners, etc. The partner may pass away and a second marriage may be contracted.

We may recollect now, that Jupiter owning Kendra house and occupying the maraca (death-inflicting) house-2, will prove to be dangerous. It is termed as Kendra-adhipathi and is therefore aspect of longevity and nothing else. Actually when we peruse the horoscopes of people born in the signs of Mercury, Virgo and Gemini, having Jupiter in the second house, a majority of them are found to have lived happily during Jupiter Dasa for a period of 16 years and survived that Dasa and also Saturn’s. The percentage of people who died during Jupiter Dasa will be only 10 to 12%. Of them, Mahatma Gandhi is one, who died in Jupiter Dasa, in a majority of cases, Jupiter is neither a Kendra-adhipathi, nor does he occupy the maraca signs, 2 to 7. It will thus be observed that Jupiter causes such unpleasant event only when it is in the constellation of evil planet, irrespective of the house it owns or occupies.

Jupiter, as lord of 8 in the second house, shows gains through Insurance, the money of the deceased, will executed by others or one may receive bonus, gratuity, provident fund, thrift fund, etc. One may be fortunate in collecting debts and also in getting money through partners in business.

Jupiter, as lord of 9 in 2, brings money through dealings in foreign trade, exports, imports, travels, research, science, philosophy, religion, publication, etc., and also through father or wife’s younger brother – He may be the son of a banker and carry on the same business.

Jupiter as lord of 10 in 2, gives enormous financial gains by industry, trade, business, service or independent profession. The person may be practicing privately as a chartered accountant or run an educational institution, He may be serving legal, educational, finance or religious institutions. In all  concerns, a person dealing with cash must have some connection with Jupiter related the 2nd or 6th or 10th house. Many Directors, Managers, Administrators, Politicians, Financial advisers are born with Jupiter in 2, as the tenth house lord. Even to become a member in a Board, Jupiter must be strong in the horoscope.

Jupiter, as lord of 11 in 2, reduces one’s uncommon, unpleasant and unnecessary expenses but increases income through business. There will be many real friends and benefactors. Life will be smooth. Help will be available from all quarters and quickly. The person can commence a business without much financial backing or business back ground and yet come up through providential help. Assistance comes from all directions and the business expands bringing a lot of income, especially during the period of Jupiter. It is true in the case of those who are born in Aquarius, having Jupiter in Poorattadhi fourth pada or born in Taurus with Jupiter in his own constellation.

Jupiter, as lord of 12 in 2, generally portends loss. But if in Karthikai star, he will lose through speculation; if in Rohini, he will invest on lands or lose due to floods, etc. If it is in Mrigasirisha, he will lose in business, mostly due to the partner’s folly. Jupiter in Dhanishta indicates loss in business; in his own star, it threatens secret inimical activity and loss because of youngsters, neighbours or friends.

Sun, forming good aspect with Jupiter in 2, increases the chances for grand success in all attempts. Government officials will be favourable. The person can secure service in Government or security and stability in any service governed by rules and regulations. He will have influential friends and gain through them and by speculation, investment, theatres, sports, and polities. He will be humane, hopeful and honest in financial dealings.

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