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Jupiter and the Second House Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Jupiter, as lord of 2 in the second house, indicates gains as an advocate of as a teacher, lawyer or a preacher. He can serve in a bank, a court of law or in the Religious Endowment Board. He may take up job in finance departments or in educational institution. He may own shares of a few industries, as Jupiter (in his own signs) has to offer multiplicity of interests, since Sagittarius and Pisces are dual signs. Jupiter is essential for fame and success in politics. In the constellations of Venus, lord of 7, he promises gain through partner. If in the constellation of lord of 10, the person has progress and prosperity in profession. If in his own star, he gets money through personal ingenuity and business. If the constellation lord owns houses 11 and 12 (Saturn), the person will have no savings. He will always face an unbalanced budget. If lord of 5 and 8 rules the constellation, he will be tempted to speculate and lose. If Jupiter occupies Ketu’s constellation (Moolam), he will be religious. He will benefit through relative indicated by the house occupied by Ketu in the horoscope.

Jupiter, as lord of 3 in the 2nd house, indicates that one will have studious habits, inclination to study a variety of subjects, and desire to be a good writer, publicity officer, editor, correspondent, salesman, touring office etc. he will love and learn music. During the periods of Jupiter, the native will gain through brothers, cousins, neighbours etc. Short journeys made to expand one’s business will prove to be profitable. Jupiter in his own constellation in Visakam 4h pada forebodes enmity, litigation, law suits, loans and unavoidable worries. As lord of 3 in his star Poorattadhi, it shows that he will invest on properties in the neighbourhood. His brother will also invest along with him. Short journeys, publications etc., will result in loss of money and prestige. As lord of 3 in 2 (Thula lagna) in Saturn’s constellation, it portends litigation about landed properties and enmity with children who may claim their share of property. Jupiter in the constellation of Mercury promises higher studies, long journey, life in a foreign place, contact with strangers and their aid. Jupiter as lord of 1 and 4 in Dhanishta, the constellation of Mars, promises decent gains from permanent possessions, landed property, conveyance, automobile etc., and also through friends and mother. Jupiter in Rahu’s star, Sathabisha, in the second house will offer such results as are indicated by Rahu by association and occupation.

Jupiter, as lord of 4 in the second house, indicates satisfactory yield from the field; good returns from land and property; purchases of estate, conveyance, furniture, etc.; gain to mother who gives a part of it to the native. As lord of 5 in 2 in Chitra star (Kanya lagna), it indicates sale of property or car after some difficulty or accident. As lord of 4 in Visakam star in Libra in the second house, it indicates that he will get a decent dowry, landed property, etc. through wife. But if it is a lady’s chart, she can expect a house to be constructed by the husband in her name and given to her as a gift. Jupiter, in Uthrashada as lord of 4 in 2 in Capricorn, shows that the native will have higher studies, long journey and service in a foreign embassy or concern or under a stranger. One may work in medical departments or in mines. Jupiter in Sravanam star portends evil results. He may have difficulty in enjoying his rights. There may be law suits about his landed property. He may meet with accidents while traveling. There is also danger through water. Jupiter in 2 in Dhanishta star indicates that his children will have higher studies, chances to go overseas, etc. In regard to speculations of any kind, Jupiter in 2 in Dhanishta portends loss to the owner of the chart. We have a friend who has lost all the properties during Jupiter period, even though Jupiter happened to be lord of Lagna, as he is born in Sagittarius. It was a Dhanishta and in the sub of Mars at 23 degree-40’ Capricorn. Loss is indicated by Mars, lord of 5 and 12. The 5th house shows his madness to speculate. The 12th house, loss by speculation.

Jupiter, as lord of 5 in 2, generally indicates satisfactory and substantial gains through investment, speculation, lottery, etc. His possessions will increase by such gains and also through his children. An old person born in Scorpio, having Jupiter at 26degree-48’ in Sagittarius, had been living in a small cottage till he retired. A year later, when his Jupiter Dasa commented, he joined his son who was offered good quarters by the Government. Jupiter is lord of 2 and 5 to the person. 5th house shows his son. Therefore, Jupiter becomes lord of 1 and 10 to the 5th house , and it was in the constellation of Sun who is lord of 6 (service) to the 5th house (son). Jupiter can be lord of 5 and occupy the second house only to Leo (Simha) borns and Scorpio (Vrischika) borns. If Leo is the Ascendant and Jupiter is in Uthrashada star, the native gains financially by speculation, betting, music, cinema, etc. and also through partners. But Jupiter in Hastham star ruled by Moon threatens loss in all attempts. Jupiter in Chitra gives grand success in studies, larger profits from permanent possessions than before and much assistance from strangers. Jupiter, in the constellation of Venus, also indicates loss.

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