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Jupiter and the Second House Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

Moon, forming good aspect with Jupiter, offers imagination, intuition and popularity. He will have proficiency I economics, company law, politics and commerce. He will lead a spiritual life. He may gain through mother and also get aid from strangers, living in his own place, as Moon owns the fourth house of the Zodiac.

Mars, forming good aspect with Jupiter in 2, makes one over-liberal, self-reliant and determined. He will be suited for a manager’s post. He can organize and lead. He will act no impulse, be ready to help all those who approach him. He can gain by industry, fresh enterprises, sport, exploration, mechanical work, military, police, etc. Mars givens him progress in business and promotions in profession. This aspect is very beneficial for a good rise in life, especially during the joint periods of Mars and Jupiter. But students have to note that Jupiter in the second house, opposed by Mars from the eighth house, will make one adamant. He will stick to his own principles and will lead a good life and secure a coveted position. But it both of them are exalted, the lord of the sign where Mars was will end his life suddenly either by heart attack or by the violence of secret enemies or serious injury due to an accident. If Saturn is the lord of the 5th or 7th star, the above statement will prove to be very true.

Mercury, forming favourable aspect with Jupiter in 2, gives worldly wisdom and practical adaptability. It offers success through business, investment, speculation, engineering, medicine, auditing, finance department, legal religious institutions, etc. Ambassadors, brokers, poets, editors, and journalists are born with this favourable aspect. Adverse aspect indicates paralytic stroke of cancer or tumour.

Venus, forming beneficial aspect with Jupiter in 2, offers pleasing manners and polite behaviour. He will have a lucky partner in business, a fortunate wife, popularity and prosperity due to the good relationship with clients and partners, gain by shipping, foreign dealings, social intercourse, etc. Venus may be conjoined with Jupiter or aspected favourably. Musicians with decent income and reputation, judges, income-tax officials, are born with such an aspect. One may serve in the transport department, deal in luxury goods or serve young career women. One may be all in all during Jupiter Dasa. But if Venus forms evil aspect with Saturn, he will be dismissed due to his own high handed actions.

Saturn, forming good aspect with Jupiter, brings highest luck in the native’s life during their conjoined periods. Sudden, unexpected and substantial gains may be expected. If the 5th and 9th houses are occupied by malefics and Jupiter receives beneficial aspect from Saturn, gives wealth by legacy, inheritance, or by adoption. There will be no obstacle or impediment in one’s efforts. One may speculate, invest one lands, houses, buildings, etc. One may take a long lease, and by subletting one later dates, make good profit with the least effort. Positions of trust in the Government, vast improvement in the financial position, good fortune through mine ores, etc., are also promised.

Uranus, forming good aspect with Jupiter, indicates gains through matters connected with railways, electricity, invention, research, lottery, Government office, speculation, transport, politics, etc., Similarly, Neptune gives artistic faculties. It refines one’s imagination. One may have psychic experiences, or become popular in secret or mystical societies. He may benefit through long journeys, sea voyages, asylums, sanatoria, hospitals, societies, sangams, clubs, etc. It can also cause imprisonment, if the aspect is evil.

Thus, when one is to judge the results of Jupiter in the second house, one has to consider:

(1) The house of which Jupiter is the lord;

(2) The sign, constellation and sub occupied by Jupiter;

(3) The house occupied by Jupiter;

(4) The aspects received by Jupiter; and

(5) The planets conjoined with it.

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