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Jupiter and the Second House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Jupiter, the giant of the Solar System, is brighter than all the other planets except Mars and Venus. Not only it shines brilliantly but it is also the planet of dignity, promising satisfactory fulfillment of all our desires. It gives sathvic nature to persons and keeps them jubilant. Being a fiery and fruitful planet, persons having beneficial Jupiter will be optimistic, noble and jovial. They are generous and believe that, as they do more of charity, God also will be merciful and helpful to them.

Jupiter is the chief governor for finance and children. Everybody is concerned with his family and bank position. Hence, a person is said to be fortunate to lead a peaceful life only when Jupiter is well posited in his horoscope and not afflicted by adverse aspects from other planets. Jupiter by nature is very strong to ward off the evils indicated by other planets and to offer desirable results.

Jupiter governing law makes the person honest and sincere. He will speak only truth and will be law-abiding. Hence he will not err or commit any mistake which itself offers peace of mind. He will be held in high esteem and will be respected by all. Because of his honesty, integrity and sincerity, he will lead a pleasant and successful life without any trouble from bankers, judges and the tax collectors.

The second house according to Uttarkalamrita, governs speech, wealth, belief in sacred tradition, mind to support others, nails in the fingers, enjoyment of life, truth or falsehood, the tongue and the eyes, garment, pearl, gem, copper, diamond, perfume, determination, family relationship, liberality, friendship, trade, clear and convincing speech, scholarship, gold, pure silver, a close dependent and modesty.

In Jataka Parijata, Vaidyanatha Dikshitha says that the second house governs wealth, visual power, ease, learning, speech, household and food.

Western authorities aver that the second house represents throat and ears, whereas Hindu declare that the second house stands for face, tongue, cheeks, eyes, mouth and teeth. The latter have allotted the third house for the ears and the throat. Our experience clearly shows that the Hindu view point is correct. (Malefics in the second house cause moles in the lips, cheek, etc. and not in the ear or the throat. But malefic in the third house produce moles in these parts. Also whenever an injury is caused, the part of the body indicated by the Hindus alone is affected and so it is advisable to follow the Hindu system).

As regards profession, the second house indicates self-earning capacity, the outcome of one’s efforts, bank balance, purchases and sales, promissory notes, bonds, the shares of various concerns and securities.

In Horary Astrology, this house indicates the money that had been lent, movable property, the persons worth, whether rich or poor, loss or profit, money locked up in speculation, money entangled in law-suits, prosperity or otherwise.

The second house is traditionally the house of family and possessions and also shows matters concerning loss to younger brother or his life in a foreign place and secret inimical activities to him or his investments. It indicates the elder brother to mother, her profits and friends. Children’s occupation and reputation are revealed by this house. It also indicates danger to partner or wife. It is a maraca sthana to the native and Ashtama sthana to the partner. As the 7th indicates public enemies and opponents, it may show death to the rival. The second house is an index to father’s disease and debts, his hobbies, pets, his success over others etc. As the ashtamasthana to the 7th which denotes the first wife, it is considered to represent the second wife after the demise of the first wife for husband as the case may be.

Divorce, in a sense, is the death of the union with a person denoted by the 7th, and so the 2nd could also denote marriage for the second time after a divorce has been obtained.

Jupiter, as lord of the Ascendant in the second house, indicates that a person need not exert much and do hard work or spend much time to make money. He may become the director of an industry and improve the business with satisfactory increase in the profit. He will be able to command respect from his subordinates and labour and thee will be no labour trouble as the sixth house indicating labour receives beneficial aspect from Jupiter in 2. If Jupiter were to occupy the constellation of a benefic and receive favourable aspects from other planets, the native can arrange overdraft facilities easily. But if it is in the constellation of a malefic, loss in transactions is threatened. So also adverse results will be experienced if the aspect is in harmonious.

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