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Determining the Profession Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The Importance of Second and Eleventh House

The eleventh shows a native’s source of income. Suppose Mercury is the tenth lord and is posited in the eleventh house. It is with Mars and in Dasamsa it is in fiery sign. Then the native may be an accountant (mercury) employed with military (Mars and fiery Dasamsa). Here tenth house determined the native’s vocation and eleventh house determines the source of income. In this manner we should properly scrutinize both the houses.

Second house is the house of wealth and finances. Various combinations influencing the second house and its lord is responsible for native’s financial position. In fact, second house and the eleventh house and their lords should be strong for a financial rewarding career.

The Importance of Dasamsa-chart

Sage Parasara says that we should study the Dasamsa chart for knowing about a native’s vocation and status in life. The Dasamsa chart is very important for studying changes in a native’s career and ups and downs in his career.

The following points should be kept in mind while studying a Dasamsa chart:
(1). The Dasamsa chart should always be studied along with the Rasi-Chart and never alone. See the following example:


Here, the readers will notice that Mars is in the second house and is exalted in the Dasamsa Chart (and also Navamsa). But still Mars cannot give a career betterment. This is because Mars rules the 3rd and the 8th houses and is, therefore, the worst malefic for a Virgo ascendant nativity. If it is in the second house, during its Dasa it will destroy the significations of the second house i.e. wealth of the native. Because Mars is exalted in the Dasamsa chart it can give factory, industry, own business etc. But the net result of this will be loss of wealth as the 3rd and the 8th lord is in the 2nd house.

In the above manner both Dasamsa and the main Rasi-Chart should be studied together. All divisional charts are a part of the main chart and can never give results independent of the position of planets in the Rasi-Chart. If a planet is weak in Rasi but strong in Dasamsa chart it can still give good results regarding career of native A planet strong in Rasi-Chart but debilitated in the Dasamsa chart will give adverse results (but only if it is not in a very strong position in Rasi-Charts). If Dasamsa ascendant lord or a planet associated with the tenth house in the Rasi-Chart, is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in the Dasamsa chart it will give adverse results. If a planet associated with the tenth house in the Rasi house is very weak or combust, it will never give good results even if it is posited very strongly in the Dasamsa chart.

(2) See the house in the Dasamsa chart in which the tenth lord of Rasi-Chart is posited. Lord of this house has a lot of bearing on the native’s choice of vocation.

(3) Various influence on the Dasamsa ascendant and the 10th house in the Dasamsa tenth house should also be properly scrutinized before pouncing the result.

The Importance of Operating Dasa

There are times a natives goes through major changes in his career. At other times he may have multiple professions. All these facets at different times in a native’s career can only be gauged through the operating Dasa periods. Similarly the Dsa period operating at the career making age, i.e. from 18 years to around 30 years should seen.

The Points to be Remembered

We have to intelligently consider various combinations in a horoscope before arriving at any conclusion. It is the entire horoscope which has to be considered and not the tenth house alone for determining a native’s profession.

Suppose, in a horoscope, third house is very strong and so is the fifth house. They are also connected with Venus and Moon. Further both these planets are well placed. This will give artistic and musical abilities. Now if these planets are also associated with the eleventh lord it shows that the native will earn income from is artistic abilities. If they are related to second house in some, then the native will gain vast wealth from music and art.

The above example basically shows that a horoscope has to be considered in its entirely and we have not consider the influences only on the tenth house. Though, of all the houses which affect the native’s profession, the tenth house is the most important.

We also have to consider the most powerful planet in a horoscope. A very strong planet, in powerful Yogas, gives a definite aim in life to the native. It makes native work with single minded devotion towards a particular goal.

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