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Astrology and Vocational Guidance Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Judgment of suitable vocation from astrological considerations alone is a risky and difficult undertaking. In modern times, the number of different kinds of employment available is so great that it is almost impossible to accommodate all of them within the framework of twelve planets and twelve houses. The field is vast and much experience is necessary before the astrologer can venture to give specific advice regarding a particular vocation. Hence it is not possible to deal with the subject adequately within the limits of a magazine article, and the following may only be regarded as a summary.

It is the practice of India astrologers to pay attention to the 6th and 10th houses only and neglect other parts of the horoscope. This is only a superficial way at looking at the problem. The horoscope should be studied as a whole and all the relevant factors should be taken into account.

First examine where the majority of planets, the Ascendant and MC signs lie in the triplicates and quadruplicates; that is, whether they lie in cardinal, fixed or mutable signs, etc. A native with a majority in cardinal signs requires a vocation where there is much activity, initiative, and leadership. A fixed sign person is suitable for jobs which are more or less routine requiring no initiative and offering a secure tenure. A mutable sign individual will be at home in intellectual employments, traveling, as agents, managers, and subordinate work under others. Now see where the majority of these factors lie in the fiery, earthy, airy or watery signs. A fire person is suitable for outdoor work; as a pioneer, he has zeal and emotional power and ambition. An earthy person is a good practical worker, would like agriculture, farming, etc. An airy individual inclines to mental occupations, like writing, commerce, accountants, etc. Persons with a majority in watery signs have emotional and imaginative powers and are fit for acting, preaching, occult work, imaginative writing, etc.; they also incline to occupations at sea, liquor trades and many other everyday occupations.

The signs in which the planets are placed including the Ascendant and MC) are also to be considered when determining the profession. The following list culled from various authorities will sere as a guide to astrologer:

Aries: Engineer, military, pioneer, sportsman, travel, adventure, physical work.

Taurus: Farming, cattle and poultry breeding, cashiers, traders, musicians.

Gemini: Journalism, writing, teaching, designing, communication work like post office, messengers, etc., intellectual work salesmen.

Cancer: Traders and shopkeepers, shipping, public service and religion.

Leo: Finance, stockbroker, company promoter, manager, politics, government work.

Virgo: Medicine, clerical and secretarial, writing, journalism, gardening, horticulture, research worker, accurate detail work in service of others, teachers, librarians, statisticians.

Libra: Art, decoration, jeweler, milliner dressmaker and designer, broker, agent, sailor.

Scorpio: Surgeons, sanitary inspectors, chemists, soldiers, sailors, butchers, engineering and trade.

Sagittarius: Religion, philosophy, educator, professional athletes, publishers, explorers.

Capricorn: Politics, government employment, accountant, businessman, financier.

Aquarius: Work under companies or large institutions or under government, scientists, teacher, lecturer, musicians.

Pisces: Actor, hotelkeeper, painter, poet, social worker, nurse, grocer, plumber, draper work in charitable institutions.

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