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Profession from the Position of Planet Saturn Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Saturn is the causative planet of Career (Profession) the indicator of Karma – in this cosmic world. He himself will never harm any one in this world, whether he may be malefic sign or in benefic sign who offers both good and bad effects accommodating the combinations of other planets which is based on the native’s past Karma.

Sun, Moon, Mars and (D-Tail) or Ketu are enemies to Saturn but the Sun and Saturn are not major enemies (as may be the case of a father and son relationship because Sun is light (Tejas). Generally father may object the insufficient works of his son but when son is powerful and is in ruling places, father is weak and aged. In such cases, father cannot or may not be able to over rule his son. This is generally considered as enemies with sufficient misunderstandings.

As we have stated in previous lessons Moon is mind which is not constant. But the Saturn is the causative planet of work. Whenever the combination of Moon and Saturn is there or comes, this denotes fluctuating mind who cannot complete the work on account of inconsistency of mind. Hence Moon and Saturn are enemies to one another or in other words fluctuating mind (Moon) will never complete the (Saturn) work.

Saturn and Mars

They are the enemies to the one another because Saturn is the causative planet to work. Mars is the causative planet of egoism (Ahankara Tatwa – Dhi- Pathi- Angaraka).

Any worker will never complete the work, if he is having egoism (Saturn is work and Mars is egoism). Hence they are considered as enemies of another.

In many cases this combination (Saturn + Mars) appears in the native’s chart will change the career and who will overcome enemies in their career without fail.

Saturn and Dragon Tail (Ketu) are enemies, because Ketu (D-Tail) is the causative planet of monks, saints and liberation. These people will never be interested in work or Karma. Saturn is the causative planet of work, profession – Ketu is Saint – therefore one another will never have good understanding.
The natives having this combination are not interested in hard work and they are desperate in life also. They will be interested in philosophy and saintly life.

Saturn in Aries

The native having Saturn in Aries in his birth chart indicates native will have success from metals, engineering type of profession or connected to the central government, higher departments or authorities – he will shine in his career but the lower and higher income and status depends according to the combination of other planets.

Saturn in Taurus

The sign of Venus, money-Taurus is luxury. The native will earn by soft work or in the concern where luxury goods are means of earnings through transactions.

Saturn in Gemini

The native will earn through his intellect, commercial transactions, business enterprises or social and general activities, intellectual ways.

Saturn in Cancer

The native of this chart will come up from the traveling lines, water, liquid career connecting to the traveling, arts, (Kala or through the things water is connected).

Weather comes and goes as streams and rivers. The native will have to overcome worries in his career, inconsistency of work and financial commitments are the cause of his worries.

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