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Astrology and Vocational Guidance Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Choice of a profession is also very much dependent on the ruler of the horoscope, and the strongest planet in the chart. According to Herr Ebeertin such a planet would give indication of a suitable profession such as:

The Sun: Inclination for a secure and leading position, like managers, officials.

The Moon: Sociological occupations, in which qualities of the heart predominate, like taking care of children, teacher in lower classes, psychologist.

Mercury: Good comprehension, critical faculty, skill in expression and writings, ability for commercial, scientific and literary pursuits.

Venus: Sense of harmony, beauty, arts, delicate craftsmanship.

Mars: Will, determination, technical and handicraft skill, suitable for technicians, engineers, sportsmen, fighters, etc.

Jupiter: No specific profession. But if configured with other planets indicates success in profession signified by that planet.

Saturn: Concentration, perseverance, depth, endurance, are characteristics of this planet which prefers to work in the background rather than in the full blaze of publicity. Farming, forestry are suitable.

Uranus: Fondness for anything new or novel, progress, reform. He is therefore a reformer, inventor, and also in a negative sense, a revolutionary and insurgent.

Neptune: Susceptible, suggestible, with knowledge of human nature. Hence an imaginative writer or actor, as well as a swindler.

Rahu: Occupations where team-work is necessary, or work carried out in company or in contact with others.

The indications of triplicates, signs, planets and houses should be blended together, and only thereafter a suitably vocation should be fixed. For instance, for an engineer, a connection between Uranus and Mars or Uranus and Mercury is important. For a military career, aspects and strength of Mars alone are not sufficient indication for leadership; ability for organization and prudence should also be present. For a medical career, a combination of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury is indicated. For an intellectual, strong Mercury, better if configured with Saturn, is desirable. For a politician or minister the ability to lie fluently and convincingly (Mercury with Neptune) is an asset.

Whenever a strong Jupiter aspects or combines with the factors indicating the profusion, success comes to the native. The 11th should be well fortified, and if monetary gains are expected, the 2nd should be strong.

It must further be noted as Mr. Carte remarks: “It should be borne in mind that these (i.e. astrological) influences affect the native’s personal inclinations, when the sign and planets are rising. The signs may also potentially affect the destiny by being on one or more of the three earthy houses i.e., the 2nd, the 6th, the 10th). It is in this way that people find themselves forced or drifting into uncongenial occupations; the ascendant indicates the natural inclination, but some strong sign or planetary satellitium posited in the 2nd, the 6th, the 10th houses places them in another walk of life altogether. For example, a man with Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio is made for an open fir life and would be perfectly at home roughing it; but he has Mercury in Virgo on the MC and destiny decrees that he must go into a city office, until the force of character shown by the ruling sign and planets can assert it. Such cases are not known.”

Questions are often asked whether the subject would do better in his own business or in service. Indications have been given above from which a balanced conclusion can be drawn.

Mr. Wemyss has written several volumes on this subject with an exhaustive list of actual degree areas of each zodiacal sign suitable for a particular occupation; and a study of these volumes is essential for an astrologer who aspires to help in making a choice of a suitable profession.

Concluding it might be well to remind the practitioner that numerous factors enter into a determination of a suitable vocation, and this cannot be determined at a glance from the 10th and 6th houses and their lords. External circumstances also play a crucial part in the choice, e.g., availability of suitable jobs, etc. Often the son is compelled to follow the profession of his father resulting in failure and unhappiness. All these relative factors should be well weighed by the astrologer before pronouncing judgement. 179.

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