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An advice for those with LIBRA ASCENDANT (first house in the natal horoscope of your Vedic Chart ) OR RASHI ( those having MOON in the sign of Libra ) is that since RAHU & SATURN are moving towards conjunction & Mars from its debilitated sign is also in a sensitive aspect orb I would advice that if you are having health problems or other tensions ( health & relationships ) please be patient and do not act rashly - postpone negative decisions & act with wisdom - this for a month . Of course a lot of other factors play but LIBRAS need to take care & acts of WISDOM/OPTIMISM will help.

An agitated person with even the BILLIONS is to be PITIED the most. The outer response SHOWS your internal state. A pop corn kind of a person is sitting on a HOT PLATE ( unhappiness is on what he sits ) . We must NOT try to run but try creating a better happy space. Lord Krishna could have told Arjuna to leave the battlefield & taken him to the jungles to teach him peace. Peace is to be obtained by putting order in our life and for people around ( that is our battle today ) . If you can create happy people & surroundings then you will be happy too & that is the Mahabharata of today. Love you all .

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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