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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

How to improve our mental faculties

Part 1

Now we shall discuss various mental and physical cases separately. First let us come to the mental domain. Self suggestion is certainly most effective in this sphere. First let us take memory.

It is definitely proved by experiments, on the hypnotized subjects that all our past memories are buried in our subconscious mind, so what has once slipped from our memory, has not left us altogether. It is still in our mind, though in its deeper strata. Grown up people when hypnotized can clearly recall the happenings of their early childhood. The same basis is used in the lie detection tests or narco analysis tests. What is true of hyponotic suggestion is true of conscious self help suggestion to a great extent.

Memory can be greatly developed by self help suggestion. Students and other people requiring the use of memory should practice self help suggestion for this purpose. General procedure has been as described above. Self suggestions for this purpose should be something like this, `My memory is improving, it is getting better and better everyday; everything I read would be fixed in my memory and will remain ever fresh in my mind’ etc.

One of the tasks of suggestion should be to counteract the effect of negative self suggestions. If you have always been affirming that your memory is weak, your thoughts will greatly affect, it adversely. This adverse effect also will be counteracted by the positive self suggestion of improvement. Worries and despair tend to blunt our mental faculties, and hope and enthusiasm render them strong.

Interest and attention have got much to do with memory; you should create interest in your work and read everything with full attention.

The next thing is association. You can remember a thing better if it is associated in the mind with many other things. If a junior school child is told that the population of Calcutta is 40 lac, in order to retain this fact he would probably try to fix it in his memory by calling it aloud again and again `the population of Calcutta is 40 lacs- the population of Calcutta is 40 lacs- the population of….’ But if I have no remember this fact, I would associate it with the all India population of 40 crores. I would think about it in some such way:

`Calcutta’s population is one hundredth of that whole of India. If all the people of seven lacs of villages and other towns decide to live in cities like Calcutta, there would be only 100 cities in India. If Calcutta’s population breaks up into villages it will make 10 thousand medium sized villages, etc.

Obviously this is a better way of remembering. But it implies the existence of some other knowledge in my mind that India’s population is 40 crores, etc. yes, the more we know the more we can learn and remember. But still even those who do not know much should try to fit a new fact into their existing knowledge and try to relate it to the various known facts in various ways.

Suppose I went to retain the name of a person in my memory, for examples, take Jagdish Chandra. I would establish it in my mind in some such way: Jagdish Chandra is the name of a distant relative of mine. He is such and such sort of man. This Jagdish Chandra is the opposite of him. Or Jag and dish – a jug of water and a dish of sweets. Jagdish in a way stands for the very necessities of life- food and drink. How can we forget Jagdish Chandra. Or Jagdish in Sanskrit means God. We cannot forget God’s name. It would be a great sin to forget Jagdish and hence Jagdish Chandra. Of Course some of these things would sound absurd, but their very absurdity helps us to remember them. In this way, absurd or logical, you can associate any name to many other things in your mind. The more associations you establish like this, the easier it will be to remember.


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