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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

General Application of self help suggestion

But here it may be asked as to in what type of cases we are entitled to use self suggestion, with the hope of satisfactory results, or is it panacea of all human ills.

Every mental and emotional vibration is instantly transmuted into the physical material vibrations of the physical body. Vibrations originating on one plane of being- physical, mental, or psychical- are by continuity transmuted into the vibratory conditions of the other plane. It is true that habitual irritability will sour the bowel and poison the liver and it is true also of pain, such as excruciating toothache or other long continued physical pain, which will affect the mental and emotional vibrations unless superhuman self-control is exercised. Every mental, emotional and physical vibration is instantly telegraphed from the seat of consciousness in the physical and spiritual brain centres over the nerve trunks and filaments to every cell in the body and then transmuted into the vibrations of physical health and wellbeing or into physical irritation and disease.

Thus, the mind is at the back of all physical and mental activities, therefore we can employ self-help suggestion for all mental or physical cure with modifications. Of course, it is more effective in the mental and nervous domain. Then, it is found that functional diseases are more easily cured than organic ones. The causes of ill-health which are avoidable and these include boredom, self-centeredness, resentment, frustration, dread of unknown, depletion caused by an unhealthy regime including smoking, and psychosomatic illness in which a person who is ill, often has a vested interest such as: -to avoid unpleasant situations, - fear of failure, -to get attention, -to provide proof of love, -to keep another person subservient, -resentment which often manifests as a power complex, all these illnesses can be cured or improved upon if the patient has a will power and desire to get cured, and sincerely wishes to fellow the technique of self help suggestion, relax, and forgive everyone whosoever might have harmed him / her, and not to spend time worrying about issues he / she has no control, all such cases will certainly prove easiest cases to cure.

But numerous cases are on record where organic defects have been corrected by self help suggestion. Mr. Coue reports a case in which eyesight was given to a boy who was blind and had defective eyes. Hypnotists have made experiments in order to ascertain to what extent suggestion can heal or cause wounds.

For the former case: two wounds were caused on the hands of a subject by a scratching with a knife. Then passes and self suggestions were made for the one wound to heal, and the other was left to itself. Then it was found that suggestion healed that wound in less than half the time, that was required by the other wound to heal.

Once an experiment was also made by Dr. Forel in order to ascertain as to what extent suggestion can cause a wound. While a subject was in the trance, a postal stamp was applied to his limb and bandaged. Then it was suggested to the subject that a wound had been inflicted there.
Next day when the bandage was removed a blister was found on the skin caused by self suggestion. Doctors agree that sometime skin diseases are caused by our thinking that we have caught them. These instances make it clear that suggestion can be employed for any physical or mental cure with modification.


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