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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Practice of Self-help suggestion

Part 2

Relax your body to the utmost, for, this physical inertia favours mental passivity, and renders the mind more accessible to self help suggestion. When your nervous energy is no longer dissipated in making movements or in other work, it will be concentration in the brain, and you will be better able to devote it, to the idea you wish to realize. At the outset endeavour to stop thinking altogether. Try to think of nothing at all for a time. Then direct your thought towards the idea which is worrying you, and counteract it by its converse, saying to yourself, `I do not suffer from stage fright. I sing well; I am perfectly easy in my mind’.

Take a deep breath, with for a moment, and then say once more: `I do not suffer from stage fright. I sing well; I am perfectly easy in my mind.’

Repeat this process several times, repeat it five times, or more according to the amount of leisure at your disposal. Have a number of such `sittings’ everyday, in bed, at night just before you to sleep; during night if you happen to be awake; in the morning before you get up immediately after waking up.
If you carry out this plan with assurance and conviction, success is certain.

This is for stage fright. If you wish to cure some disease, remove some bad habit, or improve yourself in any way, general procedure would be the same, only the suggestions will be changed to suit the particular purpose.

The process is simple. But do not under-rate its value on account of its simplicity. Try it yourself faithfully and see the results. I know of several cases in which this practice has cured various sorts of weakness, defects and disease.

Let us the example of, a person who was practicing yoga, when he came for this teaching, he was in a shattered condition of health. Being an ardent student of yoga, he regularly practiced yogic asana. But his enthusiasm took him too far, and as everyone knows excess or wrong practice in yoga is dangerous thing. By excessive practice, he overstrained so much and thereby hurt his nervous system that his case becomes a hopeless wreck. He felt quite exhausted and enervated. Least physical exertion caused severe pain in the concerned limb and it become swollen and took several days to come to the normal stage. Prolonged complete rest proved of no avail. Similarly, all sorts of massages and baths were useless. He was almost confide to bed and was utter despair.

It was at such a time that he received this teaching. He began to practice self help suggestion regularly, and immediately his condition began to improve and in a few days, he was in his own self again. Self help suggestions should not be practiced loudly but in almost inaudible whispers.


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