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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Practice of Self-help suggestion

Part 1

Since Self-help suggestion is an appeal to the subconscious, now we shall see how we can approach it for successful practice of self suggestion. When our conscious mind is busy in our everyday affairs this subconscious is suppressed down in us. It creeps out when our conscious thinking is stopped. Yogis accomplish this by concentration requiring rigid and patient practice. But for ordinary purpose there are some states when our conscious thinking is stopped by itself. Most significations of these states are natural sleep. During sleep our mind is completely at rest. And when the conscious mind is thus rendered passive, the subconscious creeps out. In the uncontrolled condition it produces all sorts of fantastic dreams, but when it is controlled it can serve very useful purposes. It is a well known fact that some great authors and poets have produced excellent work during their sleep. That the subconscious is awake during our sleep is clear from the fact that some people can wake up from their sleep at the desired hour. This is because of their subconscious is alert during sleep and informs them when the desired hour arrives.

This state of sleep is most favourable for self help suggestion. Hypnosis also resembles this state and we have seen how accurately the subject would carry out our self suggestions given in this state.
But since we cannot make self suggestions to ourselves when we are fast asleep our next best alternative remains the condition when we are half asleep. This is the condition immediately before going to sleep and immediately after waking up. This state of partial sleep can also be induced voluntarily by laying down in a chair or bed and while relaxing our body and mind. For a typical instance of self suggestion let us quote a great French author who is an authority on this subject. He tells us how to make suggestions for the cure of stage fright.

`Let us suppose’ he writes, `that on some approaching day you have to sing at a private party or on a public platform. You have a good voice and you are quite familiar with what you have to sing; you know that the audience will be friendly and that success awaits you.

But you are panic-stricken; you feel certain that when the time comes you will be seized with stage fright, you are sure that you will be terrified by all the eyes that will be concentrated on you when you appear on the platform; you will become uneasy, will sing wrong notes and will finally break down.
This is an involuntary self suggestion which has taken possession of your mind. You can combat it by voluntary self help suggestion.

Isolate yourself in a room where no one will come to disturb you. To make assurance doubly sure; lock the room from inside. Settle yourself in an armchair; lie down, if you prefer it, on a sofa or on your bed. Close your eyes; and if you are afraid of being disturbed by those noises outside the room, plug the ears with cotton wool.


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