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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Feng Shui

Part 1

Feng shui is not a science or religion, it is a way to live in harmony with the environment so that the energy surroundings the place, work in favour rather than against an individual. Feng shui is all about environment, and cosmic forces in or effecting the building, hence it may be taken as complementary to Vastu. Feng shui is especially useful for rented buildings, government quarters, and apartments where due to structural limitation, alterations and corrections are not possible. Moreover Fung shui has basically fitment or placement articles, should be treated as alternate method of correcting the respective defective field energies.

A good building life is 50 to 100 years, vastu parameters are applied at the time of construction, the residents change over the time, further the nature keep changing, a small plant may become a big tree, other constructions come up in the vicinity, thus in the process some may become a source of secret arrows, or negative energies to the residents of the building, all these may necessitate changes in the remedies required in fung shui, it can be done, but not as per vastu. The feng shui important rules are:-

1. Regular size of plots is to be preferred to irregular size and shapes. The squares and rectangles have better feng shui than triangles or shapes with missing corners.

2. The ratio of windows to doors in all rooms should not exceed 3: 1 ratio.

3. The windchimes work best when placed in the northwest direction. A six rod windchime attracts mentors and influential people into one’s life more. It also help in improvement of head of family’s luck.

4. Keep a three legged frog in the vicinity of the front door, facing inwards, it should appear to just have entered in the house. Frog should not be placed facing the door.

5. In the garden, the mini-water fountains and small ponds bring luck and wealth, when located in the north or southeast corners.

6. The front door of the house should not face the straight road, as if entering into the house, than there is a danger from wild animals. Block the negative energy coming toward the house with a fence, a wall, a hedge or feng shui pa kua symbol, or a bunch of trees.

7. The pathway leading to the door of the house should be curved, to slow down the cosmic energy that brings good fortune, but it should not appear to cut in to the house.

8. Once in week, preferably on a sunny day, open the two windows in two different rooms to permit the fresh air to enter the house, this bring in vibrant energy which attracts good fortune to inmates.

9. Only fresh flowers bring precocious energy into the living rooms and halls of the house. Dried or withering flowers gives depressing effects. Never display dried flowers, these are inauspicious, one may even use artificial flowers of silk or even plastic.

10. The trees or the higher ground behind a house or building, gives the protection of a celestial turtle to the inmates of the house, but when there is a higher ground in the front of the building than the inmates will be confronted with immovable obstacle in their progress.

11. A water feature in front of a house, on the left of the main door is auspicious and ensure the stability of married couples residing there, however, when that is on the right side of the gate, the husband will have a roving eye.

12. The top of the hills or mountains are not auspicious to live there, since one will be exposed to strong winds and by living lower down, one will be sheltered from the elements.

13. The sharp edges of square pillars or protruding corners are harmful, place a plant directly in front of them to deflect or dissolve the killing energy released by the edges, keep changing the plant on a regular basis in order to save it from the killing energy from the corners.

14. When the road appears to cut into the apartments like a knife, the constant flow passing the window will leave residents tetchy. A mirror out side will symbolically deflect the problem and coloured glass in the windows facing the road would block the unattractive view whilst allowing light inside.


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