Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Feng Shui

Part 2

15. The under flyover residents will feel overwhelmed and apprehensive. Lights on the corners of the house will symbolically lift the flyover, but even then it not a good house to live in. The residents will feet oppressed and have no energy left in them.

16. Keeping a pet is useful, especially for working couples, since their house remain empty during day. The negative energy gets collected in the silence and stillness.

17. This is countered by the living presence of a dog etc., moreover dogs are good touch enhancers also. When a dog refuses to stay in-doors in any room or building or avoides a particular place outside, we should suspect geopathic stress in that place, therefore either avoid that place or use remedial measures such geopathic energizer.

18. The wood element represents growth and development, therefore vastu wood, shaped like a cone, measuring 22cm in length and 5cm in width, with a bottom having eight faces symbolizing eight compass directions made of teak wood, is planted in the house on an auspicious date and time. In Feng shui the trees and plants around a house are considered good and auspicious, these are more lucky in the east, southeast, and the south, the trees should be pruned once a year.

19. A full size mirror of shoulder width, touching the ground level, are powerful remedies for enhancing the stale energy of a cramped corridor, a missing corner, or a tiny hall. The mirror should be placed on the wall in such a way, that it does not face the door. The mirror will create a feeling of space.

20. A picture of sunrise in the south corner of the drawing room will open new avenues for growth in the life of residents.

21. In the drawing room L-shaped arrangements of sofas and chairs are less auspicious. The sofas and chairs with back rest and supporting arms rests with a footstool, arranged in a square arrangement being a perfect shape, is more auspicious.

22. In the interiors of a house keeping swords, guns, cannon or shells, and items of violence should be best avoided, these create negative energies. The statue of laughing Buddha or a happy, smiling, well fed person carrying a beg of riches is auspicious, and brings prosperity.

23. Beams are not considered auspicious, because they can be oppressive when positioned over a bed, stove, or a desk, and suppose the energy of the people living beneath them. Hang a five rod windchine on the beam to counter this defect in the house or office. Do ensure that the rods are hollow rather than solid so that the cosmic energy can travel throw them and transform into good luck.

24. Mandarin doves are made out of high quality wood, it should be kept in pairs – male and female, on the table in the southwest master bedroom on a table or place where they are visible. This enhances romance, relationship between couples and makes life more harmonious.

25. Buildings are structures, the environmental energy fields acts on the building, by living there one exposes himself to these fields, therefore recipient of the effects, it makes no difference, whether you are a owner or tenant or occupant. Hence hang three Chinese coins (round with a square hole in the centre) tied with red thread on the inner side handles of your main doors. On the outer side hang bells, also tied with red thread. These are not hanging for the rear doors. The red thread activates the essence of good luck symbolized by the coins.

26. Do not display either inside or out side the house any thorny plants, they cause killing energies to accumulate hence inauspicious.

27. Do not serve or keep chipped or broken glass, cup, or jug in the house they are inauspicious. They should be thrown away earliest.

28. Night are dark, darkness has negative energy, your washings will absorb this negative energy, if kept out side during night.

29. In China, the lunar new year is celebrated loudly with drums, cymbals and fire crackers to wash out old energies and welcome in the new one. Play the loud music once a week, for ten minutes- that will do the same effect.


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