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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Remedies For Vastu Defects:

When you see the interference of an unknown invisible forces acting against you, and unfavourable circumstances causing obstruction in one’s advancement and progress, then there is a possibility of a Vastu defect. Repeated accidents, or surgeries, untimely deaths, accidental misfortunes, armed robberies, murders, chronic diseases in family, birth of deformed children, may be the factors which can be attributed to Vastu defects. The defects in the building can be rectified by pooja, yantras of specified nature, pyramids, feng-shui items etc. One or more methods can be adopted, according to one’s choice. Here are some of the methods given:

Pooja- The commencement of the construction work should be done in an auspicious time, the practice of Sun worship in done in various civilizations, in Hindus, the Vastu purush pooja, havan, nava graham shanty, one’s family deity worship is carried out before venturing into such projects. The assistance of good pundit may be taken for this purpose. An assistance from Vastu consultant may be sought during selection of site and while preparing building plans.

Vastu shanty havan is very beneficial to ward off malefic effects of the building, it should be done by a knowledgeable pundit and proper pooja items, procurements a must.

Vastu purush worship is in variably carried out before commencement of construction work is under taken, the Vastu yantra along with pair of snakes made of silver, is also laid in the foundation, for remedies against vastu defects.

Yantras of various Gods such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu yantras are fixed in the various places as per their significations, for the directional defects rectification.

Swastika yantra removes the defects of the buildings. It is placed in the respective direction on the wall to remove that directional defect.

Conch is said to be Lakshmi’s favourite, where ever its sound reaches, the malefic effects are reduced. It is advised to be kept in pooja place for removal of vastu defects.

Lord Ganpati is to be fixed on the main door, as per few pundits it should be in pairs i.e. one in front at entrance and other at the backside of door, when seen from inside. Ganpati pooja is a must when starting any work / pooja. Lord Ganapati should be placed at the auspicious time after purification and worshipping with proper mantras at the main door.

Swastika sign by it self is considered auspicious, it is marked on cash books, cash box, and at the gate etc.

Fish sign is indicative of truth it represents Lord Vishnu being his first incarnation, hence considered an auspicious sign, therefore it used in houses for auspiciousness.

Om sign represents Lord Brahma, it is godly sign, in all mantras it is used in the beginning itself, its image gives peace and concentration, therefore it must be marked in appropriate places.

Hand sign represents five elements, in vastu it provides wealth and security, therefore it is marked, while entering first time in the house i.e. grahaprevesh.

Pyramids are not new, they are the oldest structures on this earth, and Greece pyramids are well known for their stability. Pyramid yantras can remove the building defects, they are made in multi-layered pattern. All defects be t slope / directional / entrance / shape / corner cut / or any other defect may be rectified by pyramids, it is claimed by few pyramid in every room removes all minor defects. A pyramid can be fixed on the wall by double adhesive tapes. The other alternative is to dig a pit, and place the pyramid yantra inside and cover it suitably.

Colours in Interiors of Buildings:

Each colour has its own effect they can cure or help in treatment of various diseases, and can improve interiors, a suggested use is given for information:

Red- colour is very strong should be avoided, similarly grey and black have negative effects, more-over grey is colour of death, and black is for mourning, why use them.

Orange or Pink- For kitchen, dinning and drawing room these are good colours.

Green- is good for study rooms.

Blue- is a very soothing and calm colour best for bed rooms.

Violet is suitable for pooja rooms, and avoid dark shades.

In case you have serious diseases in the family, coming up without any family history, or unreasoned happening in the house, it better to consult a vastu expert for advise or change the residence.


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