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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

How to improve our mental faculties

Part 2

Similarly numbers can be remembered more easily by thinking of them in various ways. Suppose you want to retain a telephone number which is 1025. This is one thousand plus its one – fortieth. Or, 1025 is 10-2-5; 10- 2*5. Thus in 1025, 10 occurs twice, once in ordinary form and then once in factors (2*5), so in this telephone number 10 is repeated in a peculiar form. Or, think what you would do if you happen to find a purse containing Rs. 1025/-. You would perhaps spend Rs. 25/- at once to celebrate the lucky day, and would deposit the remaining Rs. 1000/- in the bank which, at the ordinary interest rate of Rs. 2 ½ %, would give you an annual income of Rs. 25/- with which you can celebrate the anniversary of the lucky day every year. You can fix any number in so many different ways in your mind.
You may also try to retain a number or a name in your memory by its visual or auditory image, i.e., by its sight or sound. It is found by experiments that some people have better memory of the visual images and others of the auditory ones. If you are of the visual type, see that name or number clearly written in your imagination; if you are of the auditory type pronounce it again and again listen how it sounds.

The famous book How to develop a good memory by Robert H. Nutt is based on the same principle of associating or `hooking’ the thing to various other things.

In various men there is a vast difference in the ability of remembering faces. Some would recognized a person whom they met only casually several months ago, while others would not recognize a person with whom they had dealings or a long talk a few days ago. It depends on the outlook and nature of a person; and the men who badly fail to recognize old acquaintances are not always below average in memory or intelligence. Some greatest philosophers are known to have poor visual memory like that of faces, while they remember the subject matter of books they read long ago. Some other people are of the reverse type. They can recognize people seen long ago, but have got poor intelligence and cannot make great scholars. The type of people called introverts (thinking and introspective type) are engrossed within their own minds and habitually pay little attention to the faces of the people they talk with, so they do not recognize them when they meet again. People of the other type, the extroverts, think very little and are engrossed in the things around them, and so observe the features of the new people minutely as a matter of habit or nature. So they naturally remember them better.

Those who do not remember faces well, would probably find that it is not their habit to look people in the face while talking. They can improve their memory of faces by paying more attention to the appearance of the people they come in contact with. If you are of this type and want to retain a person’s face in your memory observe it carefully while talking and note the peculiarities of its features and compare it with your other acquaintances with whom he resembles in some way. Note his expression, his way of talking, the way of dressing and his personality. Most people have some peculiar traits and can be remembered by those peculiarities, if minutely observed.

Reverting to the practice of self help suggestion, it would greatly improve your memory, and similarly you can employ it to improve other mental qualities, such as courage, self confidence, cheerfulness, imagination etc. procedure is the same as describe in the foregoing pages, but actual self suggestions would vary from case to case. It does not matter what words you use and in what language you speak. It is the thoughts that matter. Imagine and feel yourself to be what you want to be. Draw the picture of the desired qualities in your mind by appropriate suggestions. For example, for will power and self confidence you may say: I can achieve such and such thing. I will achieve it. My will power is getting strong, irresistible. I am going to be a man of iron will etc, etc.

Similarly undesirable qualities and bad habits can be removed. In practicing self help suggestion for removing undesirable qualities do not say that such and such quality is being removed. Think of the opposite good quality. For example, do not say, `I am not gloomy, as this will merely brings the idea of gloominess to your mind, `I am cheerful and happy’.


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