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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Physical Diseases

Part 1

The following is a typical case of cure by self help suggestion unaided by any hypotiser etc.

Coue was once treating the daughter of one Mr. Jacquemin. Observing the method of treatment by self help suggestion, Mr. Jacquemin was convinced of its efficacy. As he was suffering from chronic rheumatism, he applied this method to his own case. He describes the results in the following latter to Coue: “ `I have had a wonderful success in the use of your method on myself. I suffered from the rheumatic pain in the leg so that it was difficult for me to go about, I treated myself by saying several times a day and at night just before going to sleep, `there is nothing that matter with me; I can walk quite well; etc, I at once began to improve and in a few days I had completely recovered. I should tell you, that I was theoretically convinced of the value of self suggestion so that this good result did not come to me as a surprise’.

This is no exceptional case. It is one of hundreds of its kind. We have given it here simply to show how easy it is to practice this method. Mr. Jacquemin had received no training, had read no books on the subject; he could do it by merely seeing it done on his daughter.

Everyone can try the method on him and see the results. People suffering from asthma, paralysis etc, are cured in a short time after doctors have left them as hopeless. Skin diseases are especially amenable to suggestion. People suffering from chronic fevers would derive much benefit from it. But this method is not limited to these ills alone. Let us quote here Charles Baudouin, the greatest authority on self suggestion.

By the methodical use of self help suggestion we may hope to attain results greatly surpassing the marvels of hypnotism.

Everyone can verify the efficacy of the method for himself by applying it in minor troubles, thus ascertaining if he has grasped the correct procedure. You wish to stop a haemorrhage, nose-bleeding, ordinarily lasts a quarter of an hour, with intermission, you should readily be able to secure the formation of good clot and the arrest of haemorrhage within two or three minutes. Attain concentration, and make use of some from of special suggestion. You can place a watch in front of you and keep your eyes on the second-hand, having fixed a time in your mind when the bleeding is to stop. You ought to be successful; and if you fail, it may be because your method is still faulty, because you have overlooked some details. In like manner, if you are subject to colds in the head which usually last a week, suggest to yourself that the trouble will pass over in four days. At  later stage you can forbid the catarrh to develop at all. You dictate to an abscess the moment when it is to burst. Without any other treatment that self help suggestion, you can cure pimples, warts, varicose-ulcers, eczema. The first results, will encourage you, and will induce you to apply self suggestion in more serious troubles, never allowing yourself that no one knows the limit to the power of self help suggestion; that self suggestion has cured cases supposed to be incurable, that it must be tried with positively in all cases.


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