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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Treating other Patients

Part 3

One great  reason for the failure of the medical treatment in such a large percentage of cases is that medical men have badly neglected the mental aspect of diseases. It is a proved fact that more than 50% of the trouble of the patients are of mental origin. Medical men who are also versed in psychological science have fully realized this now. For instance read the report of the American Psychiatric Association which states:-

Mind may not only cause the symptoms of physical diseases but bring about actual changes in the tissues of various organs and glands. Statistics of our clients reveal that for about 50% of the cases that come in for diagnosis with complaints of physical disease but no symptom of such disease can be found by the most careful examination possible.

Such diseases that are of mental origin can never be cured by drugs. Right treatment for them is mental suggestions and psycho- analysis. That is secret of the success of mental treatment.
Above we have described the method for the treatment of disease. But other defects and bad habits also can be similarly removed. For instance, stammering is found to be especially amenable to suggestive treatment. Grown up people who suffered from this vocal defect from their infancy have been made all right in a few sittings.

Except in a few cases, stammering is generally functional and acquired. (Functional means the vocal organ are quite all right but simply they do not function properly they falter due to some external causes. Acquired means not inherited from birth). The stammers are always nervous and sensitive persons and they stammer because they are so. How this happens can be illustrated by another phenomenon. Those who are sensitive and nervous must have noticed that if they are writing, typing or doing some other such work requiring skills and some stranger or superior person begins to watch them; their work is marred and spoilt. Their hand begins to falter and the writing is irregular and faulty. The same thing happens in the case of speech. Their vocal organ begins to falter and speech grows faulty- they stammer. Most stammers would tell you that when they are alone and reading loudly or speaking with small children their speech is perfect, but they begin to stammer when they speak with elder people, especially with strangers and superiors. So obviously their defect is due to nervousness and there is nothing wrong with their vocal organs. Many of the stammers develop this defect after long years of normal speech, some of them by imitating other stammers and making fun of them.

The same weakness of personality, nervousness which causes this defect also aggravates it. When these people find themselves stammering they, being of sensitive nature, begin to worry within themselves. The more anxiety they feel the more attention is fixed on the defect and the worse it grows, until it becomes a constant habit with them. They begin to move in a vicious cycle. The more they worry the more they stammer, and the more they stammer the more they worry. Many of these people write, you can never feel it as I do. You can never realized how much handicapped I am on account of this defect the main obstacle in the way of my success in life. But for this wretched defect I would have achieved greater things in my life. This shows the intensity of their feeling- oh! Only if I did not stammer! Of course the handicap is real and great, but its realized only aggravates matters if the sufferer begins to worry.

So if you stammer give up this feeling and relieve your mind this tension. Say to yourself:-

(I do not mind this stammering. It is nothing so serious). When you have cultivated this attitude which will take some time, you would feel a marked improvement in your speech. When your mental tension is thus relieved you may practice self help suggestion. This stammering is going off by itself. Now I have realized the vicious circle I was in. I was making myself miserable simply by worrying about this matter. The more I felt the more I worried. Now I have realized my mistake. Now I have stopped feeding it with worry and so it is dying its natural death, and I can speak naturally and faultlessly without any effort on my part. It is just growing natural with me to speak flawlessly and correctly. Day by day I am speaking better and better. My speech is improving day by day, and so on.


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