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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Children and help suggestions

Young children are most susceptible to all sorts of help suggestion. Various defects in them can be easily cured by it. Coue recommends this method:-

As soon as the child has gone to sleep, one of the parents goes very quietly into the bedroom and up to the bed. A hand is slowly and gently laid on the child’s forehead. Should the child stir, and seem about to wake up, the parent, says in the low tone, sleep, go on sleeping, sleep soundly, repeating the phrase until the child is sound asleep once more. Then the parent, still in the same slow and quite tone, reiterates all the improvements desirable in the child whether from the point of view of health, sleep, work, application, conduct, or the like. When this has been done, the parent withdraws, still taking the utmost care not to awaken the child.

All these suggestions in this case as well as in the cases described previously can off course be made in your mother-tongue instead of English.

Besides thus giving suggestions of improvement, we should also guard our children against undesirable spontaneous suggestions in daily life.

One reason why we have such poor health is because we have been steeped in poor health thought from infancy. We have been saturated with the idea that pain, physical suffering, and disease are a part of life, necessary evils which cannot be avoided. We have had it so instilled into us that robust health is the exception and could not be expected to be the rule that we have come to accept this unfortunate condition of things as a sort of fate from which we cannot get away.

The child hears so much sick talk, is cautioned so much about the dangers of catching all sorts of disease, that he grows up with the conviction that physical discords, aches, pains, all discomforts and suffering, are a necessary part of his existence, that at any time disease is liable to overtake him and ruin his happiness and thwart his career.

`Think of what the opposite training would do for the child. If he were taught that health is the everlasting fact and that disease is but the manifestation of the absence of harmony. Think what it would mean to him if he were trained to believe that abounding health, rich, full, complete, instead of sickness, that certainly instead of uncertainty, were his birthright. Think what it would mean for him to expect this during all his growing years, instead of building into his consciousness the opposite, instead of being saturated with the sick thought and constantly being cautioned against diseases and the danger of contracting them.’

Swett Marden.

Self-help suggestions, will work regardless of zodiacal signs, or religion or faith, what is needed is faith in self, a desire to put his best positive attitude to aid themselves, it is no for those who want some one to wave a magic wand. Yes, in case of infants and animals, it is on similar line of contact healing. Any person who has put up a barrier in his mind of any sort, with a negative attitude or thought, or revenge, will adequately prevent any benefit or healing reaching to him by Self-help suggestions.
When a person is sick/ill and bedridden with a chronic disease and if he has the desire / will to live on and cure himself then he / she should use the self-help suggestion as want to live.

Inhale deeply saying-Waant

And exhale Saying-To Live

And his sincerely will pay to give him longevity. Remember- Matter is mighty but Thought is almighty.
It is recommended to keep the self-help suggestions short, and say it while exhale and inhale deeply. E.g.- Take it easy, as self-help suggestion.

Another aspect is keep positive thought for saying during inhaling and negative thought whole exhaling. E.g. a Prayer Say.

Mere Rama

Inhale saying-Rama

Exhale saying- Mere, we are using Rama for inhaling since we possessive of the word, and Mere while exhaling because it meant for others.

Few self- help suggestions are as follows:-

1. Inhale deeply, and exhale saying-I Am Brillent, Since it meant for others to know.

2. Inhale saying-Silence, and exhale saying – I am Silent, As if you ave sealed your ears to all sorts of external sounds.

3. Inhale deeply and exhale saying Improve – Headache. Do it for few minutes and the headache will slowly ease out.

4. Inhale deeply and exhale saying – I Am Energetic, to remain full of energy and vigour.
Thus develop your own self- help suggestions to improve your living in peace and with good physical and mental health.

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