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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Treating other Patients

Part 2

If in any organ, some structural lesion should exist, this physical disorder will rapidly be relieved, and a complete cure will speedily ensure, (I should mention that we can cure an affected organ without knowing that it is actually out of order. Under the influence of the self help suggestion, the affected organs will be restored to health by the subconscious, which knows what organ is involved, will do all that is required).

To these general suggestions must be added those which apply to the special case of the individual subject you are treating.

All these suggestions must be made in monotonous and soothing accents, with due stress on the more essential words. You tone should invite the subject, if not actually to fall asleep, at least to grow some what torpid, so that his mind becomes a blank.

When the list of suggestions is finished you address the subject as follows- to sum up, I mean that in all respect, alike physically and mentally, you will henceforth enjoy excellent health,  better health than you have hither to enjoyed. Now I am going to count up to three. At the word, three you will pass out of the condition in which you now are, will pass out of it quite quietly. You do so, you will wake up thoroughly, you will not feel drowsy or tired, full of life, and vigour. Furthermore, you will feel bright and cheerful, will feel well in every respect, one, two, three.

At the word three, the subject opens his eyes, smiles and has an expression of contentment and well-being.

Sometimes, though this rarely happens, he is cured on the spot. More often, he is better his pain or his distress of mind has wholly or partly disappeared, but only for a reason.

In any cases, the suggestions must be renewed from time to time. The requisite frequency varies in different subjects. Always as improvement is more marked, the intervals between the sitting can be extended, until the time arrives when the treatment can be completely discontinued, this of course being when cure has taken place.

Before dismissing the patient tell him that he carries with him the means of cure, that you yourself are merely an instructor, who can teach him how to use this means and that he must aid you in your task.
Every morning therefore before rising and every evening as soon as he has gone to bed, he is to close his eyes and to imagine himself in your presence. Then he must repeat fifteen or twenty times the phrase- Day by day, in all respects, I am getting better and better. As he, does this he must mentally underline `in all respects’ since this includes every kind of trouble, mental as well as physical. Such general suggestion is  more potent than particular suggestions.

Since all the suggestions are made in the patient’s interest, his subconscious asks no better than permission to assimilate them and to transform them into self help suggestions. When this has been done, cure follows more or less rapidly.

This is the method of Coue that has made him famous all over the world. You would say it is too simple. Yes, but the results are marvelous. It has given new life to thousands of sufferers; it has cured those whom doctors had given up as hopeless.

When the disease of the patient is not very complicated and there is only some local isolated trouble, irrelevant suggestions from the above list may be omitted. For example, if the disease is rheumatism, and the patient has sound sleep, and has no complaints of digestion or constipation, and does not feel gloomy and depressed there is no need of suggestions for improvement in these respects. In such cases of local complaints suggestions about the cure of that complaint only should be given. After the suggestions are finished the patient may be allowed to remain laying down in the drowsy state for a little while before asking him to get up.


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