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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Laws of self-help suggestions

Here we shall describe some basic laws governing suggestion which should always be kept in view when practicing it.

1. The law of spontaneous attention- the effect of the self-help suggestion is in proportion to the spontaneous attention fixed on it. When you practice suggestion drive all thoughts from the mind and fix your attention on the suggestion. But for this no effort should be made. As far as possible it should be spontaneous attention or concentration.

2. The law of Auxiliary emotion- emotion is the driving force at the back of suggestion. Power of self-help suggestion is equal to the power of emotion it carries with it. Now our emotions are closely related to our natural tendencies or instincts. If we have got an idea that we are suffering from a disease and this arouses a fear in our mind, the force of this idea as a suggestion will be equal to the amount of fear we have of losing our health. Sexual health is of greatest concern to every man and when a man gets an idea that this is in danger it arouses and intense fear in his mind and that idea of disease is realized into fact. Just as fear intensifies our undesirable spontaneous suggestion, hope of cure and consequent health favours the realization of your reflective self suggestions.

3. The law of Reversed Effort- When an idea imposes itself on the mind to such an extent as to give rise to a self suggestion, all the conscious effort which the subject makes in order to counteract this suggestion are not merely without the desired effort, but they actually run counter to the subject’s conscious wishes and tend to intensify the suggestion.

In many stammers this law of reversed effort is operating. The idea that they stammer has become a self suggestion, that has realized itself into action. Now the greater efforts they make to avoid stammering the more they stammer. This is seen clearly in those cases in which these people do not stammer when reading loudly alone, but stammer most when talking before superior sand strangers. It is because when alone they are not afraid of stammering and so do not make efforts to control their stammering, but when before strangers they make efforts to control it, and so they stammer more. We shall take up this case of stammering again later on.

4. The Law of subconscious Teleology. When the end has been suggested the subconscious finds out means for its realization. The subconscious is a great physiologist and has full knowledge of our inner mechanism. In practicing Self-help suggestion our task should simply be to mobilize its forces. How the particular end will be achieved should be left to its discretion.


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