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Saturn and Rahu are in close conjunction in Libra with Venus 17 degrees behind - this gives a tendency that in market place ( Libra is about market place ) where people would use fraudulent methods and cheat to make gains. As Jupiter aspect from Gemini ( signifies business & communication ) there will be law & order prevailing but the tendency to speculate, cheat. make fast money & transfer funds abroad will be there. Also the masses would be swayed by gains & market which they must be aware in our country.
This conjunction in your natal chart will partially gives this result also but the ascendant and the period/sub period etc make the vent happen in natal chart . This is my way to make you understand only one aspect ie business with this conjunction though for matters of love, family etc it will have different results . No planet is completely good or bad. Hope you like it.

With my doing astrology for over 30 years and couple of books & MORE SO the grace of my father who taught me the Bhrigu Nadi Principles that I use - my pay back as a service and for my research is that I reply to QUERIES BUT - MY REQUEST - please do not ask GENERIC STUFF OR AFFIRMATION ( i will not reply ) but if you have a serious issues in RELATIONSHIPS /MARRIAGE/BUSINESS/FAMILY/CONFLICTS IN AREAS OF LIFE - please do write the issue at my email id - ( type it properly ) with your QUERY and birth details/time/place - i will guide. Love you all.

We all have the HABIT of USING everything . Just STEP back in your thoughts - ARE YOU USING GOD - if 'YES' than ASARAM'S & the LIKES will flourish IN THERE business .

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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