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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Vastushastra and Feng Shui


Architectural Engineering by the ancient was called as Vastu, the word derived from word – vasati, meaning a place of dwelling. All structure such as houses, temples, commercial places come under the preview of Vastu. Vishwakarma sage is the one who is credited with the knowledge of this branch of science. Chinese called it Feng-shui, meaning Water and Wind coordination. Brihat-Samhita written by sage Varahamihira contains one chapter – srl. 53, containing vastu principles and similarly other books have information on vastu.

There is a legend that in Treta yuga, a demon being covered the universe, thus obstructed the earth and sky with his body. This problem engrossed Devtas including Indra, then they approached lord Vishnu, who advised them to catch hold the being and lay him face down, for the respective parts of the body held by different gods, they become their presiding deities. The Brahma named the being as Vastu purush, the chief deity of all construction works on earth. The being was thrown on earth facing down ward as instructed by lord Brahma, and the demon is laying in that position since then. The Vastu vidhana book of sage Narada states that the Vastu pursha mandala is the magic diagram or yantra and the form of the Vastupursha.

It is advised that the Vastu pursha puja should be done at an auspicious time and date, to have the blessing of this deity, before the construction of any building to have the prosperity and peace while living in that place. With the worship and offering to gods, demon, and spirits they are prayed and requested to leave. Thus the land is purified and become receptive to the inmates. The offerings normally consists of perfumes, garland, incense, milk, honey, ghee, rice boiled in milk, roasted rice, fruits, curd, durva grass, butter, vegetables, sesame seeds, flowers etc. The next activity is to level of the ground, earlier it was done by oxen and ploughing, now the same is done by mechanical means. Thereafter the Shilanyasa, a technical and ritualistic activity is carried out. The Vastupuja is done in the north east portion of the plot, but the stone consecrated in puja is dug in trench in the south west portion.

Human beings under the same environment faces more stresses and strains than other creatures. The shelters / caves become his defence against hostile climates. Vastu shastra bring about harmony between human beings, nature, and his dwellings units. The present day architecture is comfort oriented, where as the ancient vastu is more about protection from the five elements, and provides an suitable conditions for spiritual advancement.


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