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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Vastu Fundamentals / Defects / Corrections

Part 1

1. The square and rectangular plots with corners straight and at 90 deg are considered good. Circular shape plots are good for constructing circular shaped buildings only.

2. Loin shape plots are auspicious for business purposes only, not for residential purpose.

3. Cow shape plots are good and auspicious only when there are roads in the south and west side of the plot.

4. All other odd-shaped plots such as wheel, triangular, cart, long-bar, hand-fan, drum, bow, hexagonal, elliptical, pot type, winnow, turtle, disproportional are inauspicious for one reason other e.g. cart shaped plot causes loss of wealth, brings poverty, even imprisonment or instability in various spheres of life.

5. The distance between north east corner to south west corner, should either be equal or always more than the distance between south east to north west corner of the plot.

6. The road level sloping towards north, and east are preferable and auspicious.

7. In the south and west direction the building height should be more, than the north and east side.

8. The balconies etc. are auspicious in the north and east direction, and their roof should be lower than the general roof level.

9. The walls on the south and west side should be thicker, than the east and north sides.

10. The digging of well in north- east, east, north and even west is considered auspicious. Water bodies are considered very good in the north, and north east direction of plot.

11. The number of pillars in the building should be even not odd, in order to have even distribution in load sharing. Similarly the beams should be even. The pillars should be either round or square; however the pillar on ishan side must be square.

12. The excavation work should be in the following sequence:-

First pillar to start from north-east, next excavation to be done towards south-east and then north-west and thereafter towards south-west.

Now the first pillar casting should start from south-west and the work to continue in the direction towards north-east.

13. All the four sides of a building should have a compound wall. The compound main gate should be at a avourable place:-

(a) For north facing plots in the north of north east side.

(b) For south facing plots in the south of south east side.

(c) For east facing plots in the east of north east side.

(d) For west facing plots in west of north west side.

The main door of the building should be to the left of compound gate, however the second gate can be kept any where as per requirements.

The door should never be placed in the centre. It is inauspicious, the whole family will perish.

More open space to be left in the north than the south, similarly more open space to be left in the east than in the west, this is auspicious, gives honour, prosperity, fame. The lord of wealth signifies the importance of having more open area in north for prosperity, similarly the lord of knowledge signifies the importance of an open space in east which is required for children for good academic record.

14. No construction work should be started in the evening.

15. The plot floor level should not be lower than the adjoining plots, the water should not flow into the plot.

16. A plot having roads on all the four sides without obstruction is very good.

17. A plot having roads on three sides in east, north, and west is very good.

18. A plot with three side road in east, north, and south is also good, when the door is kept in eastern side, main entrance on south should be avoided.


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