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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 14


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Other Uses of Rudrakshas

1. By the use of Rudraksha rosary, diseases of the blood, heart and heart attacks are controlled. Rishis have held that one gets peace of mind as it takes out extra heat from the body.

2. If the ash obtained by burning Rudraksh is mixed with the ash of gold in equal proportion and taken, one ratti as a dose in the morning and evening, high blood pressure is controlled, if it be taken with milk, Curd or Malai of milk.

3. In case of small pox, take Rudraksh ash with black pepper in equal proportion with water, kept at night for three months. One will be cured positively.

4. If a big Rudraksh is rubbed and paste is applied on a poisonous wound it will heal immediately without affecting the patient adversely.

5. Taking Rudraksh with Munaka and Bhang (Hashish) increases Sadhana and prayer power. One has sound sleep. In India Baidyanath Pharmacy has used Rudraksha in medicines. One of their medicines in Madhur Munaaka, which is used as tonic.

6. The wearer of Rudraksh remains free from fear of Yamraj Ghosts and souls.

7. One gets long life and Aakal Mritya is averted.

8. A barren lady using Rudraksh is blessed with a child.

9. It helps in awakening the kundalini.

10. It protects the wearer from bodily diseases.

How to recognize Duraksha

The following are points to check the genuineness of Rudrakshas.

The English name for this tree is Utrasum Bead Tree and in Latin is called Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.

1. When a Rudraksh bead is put in a glass full of water it will dip and will not float. In case it is made of wood or is infested with insects it will float on the water.

2. If a ripe Rudraksh is closed in a fist and taken near the ear and moved it will emit a pleasant slow sound.

3. If a Rudrkash is placed between two copper Coins, it will move when pressed.

4. The Rudraksh is found raised at places, hard and of rough surface. Each piece has naturally carved lines, which are called FACES of the Rudraksh.

5. In a natural Rudraksh, you will a shine and greasiness which appears after its continuous use by wearing and using it as rosary.

6. A few Rudrakshas have eyes like that of a coconut near the carved lines. The three eyed Rudraksh is attributed to Lord Shiva, which helps in early attainment of Siddhi. (Not Seen So Far).

7. Rudraksha always has a rough surface but is not thorny. Thorny surfaced Rudraksh is artificial.

8. Rudraksha of smaller size is always held in high esteem than bigger size ones as the smaller the size the more effective it is supposed to be.

9. The natural Rudraksh has no hole in it. These are made later on. The piece, which has a natural hole is most auspicious.

10. In natural Rudraksh the lines are not equidistant, but in an artificial one, these are found carved at equidistant.

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