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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Physical Diseases

Part 2

The regulation of sleep is a most valuable exercise, for sleep is exceptionally responsive to suggestion. Since it is a relaxation, it can only be hindered, not favoured, by any effort to promote it. Sleep is always ready to obey suggestion. If we fail to summon sleep at will, there must be something wrong with our method. Perhaps we are making an effort at the time we formulate our self suggestions. As soon as we are successful, we may be sure that we have done away with effort and that our method is now correct.

Hence forth we shall be able to go to sleep almost instantaneously. We shall accurately prescribe the hour of waking up. We shall prohibit nightmare. We shall be able to direct the course of our dreams. We shall forbid our self to be awakened by any noise, however violent, unless a real danger threatens. On the other hand, we can suggest to ourselves that we shall awaken in response to stimuli which ordinarily are insufficient to rouse us; that we shall be awakened by the slightest cry of a child or by the least sound from a sick person: that we shall be awakened by dream, by some thought that comes during sleep in response to a suggestion formulation over-night. In a word nothing is more sensitive to self suggestion than sleep. It is precisely for this reason that we have to proceed cautiously. If our method be faulty, we shall readily initiate a counter self suggestion, and the results will be the very reverse of what we desire. If we suggest to ourselves that we shall sleep soundly and shall awaken at a definite time, with the half acknowledged thought that this waking will require a continued effort of attention, our sleep is likely to be troubled: and we may repeatedly awaken before the time. But if we can suppress the half-acknowledged thought, we shall sleep soundly and shall awaken at the appointed hour, without any fatigue. It is obvious that the regulation of sleep is pre-eminently a matter in which attention to minor shades of details is of the first importance. That is why it is such excellent practice to acquire the mastery of sleep. When we have done so, we can expect great things from ourselves in the way of self suggestion.

For the attainment of the results above described, and of others yet more striking, it is not necessary to have been subjected to induced suggestion. An intelligent person who is able to throw off the routinist skepticism of his every day environment, can do all that is requisite alone and unaided.

Coue’s General Formula

In the foregoing pages we have describe how to make suggestion for some particular purpose and for that special suggestion have been recommendation. But Mr. Coue, the chief expounder of self-help suggestion recommendations only one general formula for all purposes. That formula runs thus, `Day by day in all respects, I am getting better and better’. According to his doctrine if we are suffering from a particular trouble and recite this general formula that trouble would automatically included in `all respects’. And by experience he has found this actually to be the case. For example he gives this case. A female patient came to him to be treated for some minor trouble. She also suffered from varicose ulcers, but she had not thought of them during her treatment. After some days it was found that not only was that particular trouble cured but the varicose ulcers, which had previously defied all medical treatment, also vanished. Her subconscious included this also in `all respects’.

We also recommended this formula to our students. They may make some special self suggestions for their particular trouble in the beginning of the `sitting’, but mainly the practice should consist of the repetition of the general formula.

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