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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Self-help Suggestions, Chapter XIV, Part – 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Treating other Patients

Part 1

Until now we have been dealing with self help suggestion practiced by a person upon himself. Now we shall describe what is called Induced help suggestion. Like hypnotism it is practiced by one person upon another. In procedure and results it is very much similar to hypnotism. The only difference is that in this help suggestion the subject is awake and there is no trance as in hypnotism. For this reason it is also called conscious help suggestion. Its value and importance in curing diseases and other defects is clear from the world wide recognition it has received in such a short time, and from the high praise and honours its discover, Mr. Coue, has received from all over the civilized world. We cannot do better than do quote here the master himself for the procedure of it. He says-

`Whatever the patient’s trouble may be whether bodily or mental, the same procedure is applicable and the same formulas are employed, with trifling individual variations.’

You say to the subject, sit down and close your eyes. I shall not attempt to put you to sleep for it is needless. I ask you to close your eyes for the simple reason that I do not wish your attention to be distracted by the objects within your field of vision. Now say to yourself earnestly that all the words I am going to utter will fix themselves in your mind, will be graven there, that they must always remain fixed and graven there, permanently impressed, so that, without any exercise of will, without your knowing anything about the matter, quite unconsciously on your part, your organism and yourself will have to obey them. I tell first of all that everyday, three times a day, morning, noon and evening, at meal times, you will be hungry, that is to say, you will experience that pleasant sensation which makes us think and say, `Oh how I should like something to eat!’ You will in fact eat with great satisfaction, but you will never overeat. You will eat enough, neither too much nor too just eaten enough. Then you will stop, you must eat no more. In these conditions having eaten with appetite, and having eaten no more that you should, you will digest well, and that is to say, you will have no discomfort whatever, either in the stomach or in bowel, no uneasiness or pain of any kind. Assimilation will be perfectly performed, and your organism will make the best possible use of the food to form blood, muscle, strength, energy-in a word, to create life.

Since you have digested well, the excretory functions will be well performed. Every morning on rising, you will feel a desire to go for stool. Without the use of laxative medicines, and without recourse to any other artificial means you will have normal and satisfactory evacuations.

Every night as soon as you wish, you will go to sleep and you will go on sleeping until the time, at which you wish to wake up next morning. You will sleep calmly, soundly, quietly. You will have no nightmare. When you wake up you will always feel well, cheerful thoroughly fit.

If you have sometimes been melancholy, gloomy, out of sorts, filled with forebodings henceforth you will be free from such troubles. Instead of being moody, bored, unhappy, anxious, you will be cheerful, thoroughly cheerful, happy with no good reason for it perhaps, then in the past you may often have been unhappy with no good reason for it also. To say nay more, even if you have serious cause for unhappiness, for melancholy you will have no such feelings.

If at times, you have been impatient or angry, you will no longer be anything of the kind. On the contrary, you will always be patient, and henceforth the happening which used to irritate you will leave you perfectly unmoved.

If you have occasionally been haunted by evil and unwholesome ideas, by fears or by phobias, I assure you that these ideas, these fears, these phobias, will gradually ceases to trouble your imagination: they will seem to melt away, to pass into a distant cloud where everything vanishes.

I add that all your organs work perfectly. Your heart beats normally and the circulation goes on as it should. The lungs act well. The stomach, the intestines, the liver, the gall bladder, the kidneys, the urinary bladder all do the duty. If anyone of the organs named is actually out of order, the disturbance will lessen day by day, so that within a brief period it will have entirely disappeared and the normal function will have been restored.


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