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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Colour Therapy

Part 1

Colour plays a very important part and has a definite function in our (i) environment, (2) attitudes, emotions, moods, thoughts, and behaviour, (3) clothes, and (4) health. “We are living in a colour age. Colour is constantly with us in our home, clothes, shops, decoration, furnishings, and automobiles. Wherever life exists there is colour. Colour has an ancient history. Schools of colour, music, and perfume were established by the Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, and Assyrians.

Colour is the effect caused by the reflection of certain rays of light, which is a form of intense vibration. Light is the agent which causes the sensation of vision. Light must enter the retina of the eye before anything is visible. These vibrations affect the nerves in the eye, fusing the sensation known as colour. Colour as it relates to life is a matter of experience and sensation. It is romantic in effect. Surface appear to be coloured depending on the colour of the light rays they reflect. A white dress reflects all of the components of white light. An orange surface reflects red and yellow ray’s, which mingle and give the effect of orange. A black surface reflects no light.

Colourists state that colour is a reality- that it lives, moves, and reacts as a separate entity or being the same, as you, I, or a table. In other words, they say that colour is not merely a part of an object we see but that it exists within itself. They teach that to know colour you must realize it as a thing apart from objects; that you must see colour mentally, an entity existing in its own right.

Colourists prove the reality of colour by demonstrating flights in a plane `gondola’ into the stratosphere. In first flight the gondola was painted black. While the temperature registered 75 deg, F. below zero outside, it rose to 100 deg. F. within the gondola, and was quite uncomfortable.
In the second flight it was changed to a white gondola. The temperature fell to below freezing inside. To-day the colours used for ascending is black and white. The black absorbs or catches the light rays, thus producing warmth, and the white reflects or throws off the light rays, which is cooling, thus producing balance and comfort.

Healing with colour is comparatively not new. The harmonization of sound and colour is now being recognized and used by many physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists in the treatment of certain diseases and behaviourisms. They consider the correct use of colour as beneficial as taking vitamins A, B, C and D. Some colours stimulate our organs, others act as a sedative.

Colours function and according to their nature or specific rate of vibration. Red is the lowest and coarsest rate of all colours because it is the slowest. It is made by the lowest vibration of air- 24 vibrations per strike are heard. Rose is a higher vibration of red. Red contains thermal rays, blue and violet, which are intensely warm. Red and yellows are in greater demand in primitive languages and develop first in an evolving language.


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