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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Remedies According to Lal Kitab, Chapter X, Part – 48

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Selection of Bridegrooms

1. Saturn in 11th house makes the native desert his wife and children in young age, whereas Saturn in the boy’s 2nd house proves inauspicious for the bride’s family.

2. Mercury and Rahu combining in houses 3, 8, 9, or 12 of the groom is also inauspicious for the bride’s family.

3. Venus and Ketu together in Lagna make the native impotent.

4. The groom is likely to have bad sexual habits and may destroy his wealth in that, if the planetary positions are as follows:

(a) Sun in 6th and Mars in 10h with the afflicted 12th house.

(b) Moon in Lagna and Jupiter in 11th house.

(c) Jupiter and Venus in 10th house.

Remedies Applicable to All

1. Sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in Tandoor, should be offered to animals every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.

2. Place a pot of water under the headside of the bed at night and pour it on a tree or plant in the morning.

3. Taking meals in the kitchen is a strong safeguard against the mischief of Rahu.

4. From one’s own meal a Chapati or a piece of it must be offered to cows, crows and dogs for all round well being and prosperity.

5. Further, we all believe that going to a temple for offering prayer is always a good thing, which must be admired and encouraged. But according to Lal Kitab, the native having a malefic planet, especially Saturn in 8th house, when 2nd house is empty, must not visit temples or other places of worship. Rather he should bow his head from outside. Similarly, if planets occupying 6th, 8th and 12th houses are inimical to each other and 2nd house is not occupied by any planet, the native must avoid visiting temples and other religious places of worship.

6. The most striking thing about Lal Kitab is that it enshrines due admiration for Vedic culture and philosophy of the Hindus. Living in a joint family has been suggested as a powerful remedial measures and it for some reason this is not possible the native should sleep on the bed sheet which was used by his father. In other cases the native has been asked to obtain the blessings of parents and elders etc. as an amulet against the evil. It is worth pointing out that such simple and innocent remedies have worked wonders in tested cases.

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