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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Role of Colour:- In Gem Therapy

Part 2

According to Agasthyamat (in the opinion of sage Agasthya, whose text on gems is known by this name), they release positive vibrations and absorb negative vibrations. That is why they are supposed to have healing effects and healing qualities. Gems serve as saviors and protectors, just as rubber boots protect the feet from mud and water. They help us achieve our desired goals by giving us more strength of will, inspiration, and necessary insight to refine our latent potential. Possession of a beautiful and precious stone makes one happy. The fluorescent quality of gemstones receives a good deal of our attention, their shape, their luster influence the wearer visually and emotionally. Colours also induce significant changes in emotional state and help to create positive emotional states in the mind of the wear. Each colour has its own area of influence in the body and produces physical and mental responses in that area. For example:

1. Red is hot and stimulates the adrenals. It has a vitalizing effect and is magnetic and positive; it drives poison out of the body.

2. Orange is warm, stimulates the glands, has a cheering, inspiring effect that makes one more optimistic; it is positive and magnetic.

3. Yellow is hot. It stimulates the brain and the nerves, saves one from insects, inspires one to gain knowledge, and produces optimism. Yellow is magnetic-positive.

4. Green is refreshing and cool. It invigorates the blood chemistry, produces calmness, has a restful effect on the eyes, and is neutral.

5. Blue is cold and acidic. It creates insecurity, pessimism, and serenity. It also cures spinal troubles, burns, poisonous bites, hysteria, and dry cough.

6 Sky blue is cold and has a calming effect on the nervous system. It reduces heat in the system, cures burns, poisonous bites, headaches, and heart palpitations.

7 Violet is cold. It acts as a germicide, creates antibodies, increases the body’s resistance, and provides gentle heat to the body.

Gem therapists even prescribe the same stone in a different colour to their clients considering their Moon sign and the colour of the gem. For example:

a. Reddish agate for Moon in Aries or Scorpio.

b. White agate for Moon in Taurus or Libra.

c. Green agate for Moon in Gemini or Virgo.

d. Transparent agate for Moon in Cancer.

e. Orange agate for Moon in Leo.

f. Yellow agate for Moon in Sagittarius or Pisces.

g. Bluish black agate for Moon in Capricorn.

h. Dark blue agate for Moon in Aquarius.

The base of the gemstone must contact the skin of the wearer in such therapy. Transparency, luster, and colour combined with the electrical property of Green exerts a powerful influence on the human body and psyche.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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