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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Rudraksh

Generally Rudraksh trees are found in Nepal and countries of North Asia. This tree is of medium height, its fruit is called “Rudraksh”. The Rudraksh is found in a cover similar to the walnut. When the cover is broken or cut, the Rudraksh is found inside. Rudraksh is used in Hinduism mostly but are used in almost all the religions.

Rosary or Bead

A bead is the right instrument for offering prayers to god. The best bead is of the Holy Rudraksha in addition to other beads. The Rudrakshas have normally one to fourteen faces. Other beads are of chandan, Tulsi, Saftic etc. Rudrakshas are of 38 types. A brief account of, Holy Rudraksha rosary is given below for the guidance of readers, as it is not commonly known.

How to purify the Rudraksha Rosary

On Monday morning, one should take a bath before Sunrise, and the beads should be kept in oil for four to seven days, therefore be washed well in Cow’s milk. After that the rosary should be washed in holy Ganges water. The rosary should then be put in the smoke of dhoop and flowers, then after reciting the mantra “Om Nama Shivae” eleven times, the rosary may be worn.

Importance of the Bead

Holy Rudrakshas are of 38 types. These have generally, from 1 to 21 faces but above 14 faces, rarely are available in India. Faces are natural lines found across the body of the Rudraksh. Every Rudraksh has a specific purpose. This rosary is very auspicious and draws man near to the supreme. All religions have prescribed or recommended the use of a bead. According to Hindu mythology, the use of Rudraksh rosary signifies, Lord Shiva and bestows all his blessings upon the user. It has miraculous effect on our body, mind and soul, and can be used for propitiation of adverse planetary positions. There is an old story about the creation of the Rudraksh. It is said that once there was a Datiya named Tripura Sur who was unconquerable. Brahma, Vishnu and other deities were tired of him as they were being teased by him. They approached Lord Shiva and requested him to help them get rid of him. Lord Shiva thought of using special fire-weapon named Aaghor. This weapon destroyed everything. It is believed, that it was like the Atom bomb of today. Lord Shiva used that weapon to destroy Tripura Sur. During the use of this weapon. Lord Shiva could not open his eyes and when opened, the eyes became watery, and few drops of water fell on earth. These drops later appeared in the shape of trees and the fruits of 38 types appeared which are called Rudrakshas. Lord Shiva is known as Rudra and tears called Ashak. Hence the name Rudrakshas. Of these 21 types have been assigned to Sun, 10 to fire and 16 to Moon.

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