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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Role of Colour:- In Gem Therapy

Part 1

The use of colour illnesses-chromotherapy is based on the understanding that the endocrine system works like a mediator of behaviour through light. The chain reaction of hormonal secretions from the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands affects the body’s chemistry, and one feels a kind of chemical environment inside, which is interpreted by the brain as a particular kind of feeling or mood.
Colours are frequencies of light that influence the endocrine glands directly and influence our body chemistry.

Colours are chemicals and, through a sympathetic response, influence our chemical system.

Everything in the universe is colour-sensitive. Everything has a colour of its own, including the planets, which influence human beings through different colours frequencies they emanate and we readily absorb. Each planet has a colour and the light emitted by it forms the environment of our planet, the Earth. At the moment of our birth a pattern in our body chemistry is set, which is directly related to the position of the planets at that particular moment. It is our chemical nature, which we experience as moods and feelings. The position of the planets in relation to our placement at the moment of our birth determines our chemical nature. Each planet is related to a particular gem through colour and the colour of the planet is reflected by the gem. Because the gems are cut to turn light back into the observer’s eye, the gems (especially the cut gems) refract or bend light. The luster of the gem also helps the absorption, reflection, and refraction of light by the gem’s surface. Our body absorbs reflected rays and vibrations that come to us filtered through the gem we wear and through it our body chemistry is influenced. If a planet is emitting light (that is, colour) frequencies that are not suited to our system, a gemstone that could counteract these frequencies would help the body chemistry and the unfavourable influence of that planet would be averted.

The Earth and man are inseparable, and Earth and the solar system to which it belongs are inseparable. The human body, like Earth, is a combination of minerals. Minerals are the bricks that constitute the Earth. They are inorganic chemical elements or compounds found on earth and man in the same way and, to an extent, in similar proportions. According to ancient seers, the human body performs all its activities in accordance with rays of cosmic light, which it receives through the colours and frequencies of light emitted by the planets. The position, angle, and alignment of planets is therefore of great importance to us. We can, with knowledge, add the missing frequencies of cosmic rays and vibrations by using the gemstone that provides the energy of the debilitated, wrongly posited, or conjunct planet. We can also accelerate the frequencies of any exalted or favourable planet to gain more strength, the same way we use glasses when our eyes become weak. All gemstones are crystals that have electrical properties, with the exception of coral and pearl. All gemstones are minerals, or chemicals, and they absorb and transmit-according to their chemical combination the rays of light, electrical charges, and colour frequencies that are changed into their chemical form inside the body. Gemstones absorb radiation and transform them in a constructive way to make them suitable for the body.


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