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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Blue is the universal favourite of all colours. Hence it is the most popular. This is especially true of the male sex. Therefore, if you want a man to propose to

You wear blue.

Blue symbolizes truth and tranquility. The old saying, “She’s true blue,” signifying fidelity, had a more definite meaning going back to the effect of the colour blue. “Heavenly blue” or “divine blue” usually indicate a clear colour like the heavens. The blue bird symbolizes happiness.
It may also indicate cruelty and lack of affection, or generosity and intelligence. Blue also represents melancholy, thus “I feel blue.”

To a Buddhist the sapphire produces peace of mind or release. Blue is a soothing colour producing tranquility and serenity.

From a therapeutic standpoint blue has great power and value. Blue is a cool colour. Dark blue is sedate.

Orange And Gold

Orange, gold, and some shades of yellow are symbolised by autumn. The represent reaping the harvest and procuring plenty. Orange-yellow is warm, glowing, and signifies the fireside, burning logs, and cheerful surroundings. Very deep orange is excitable and irritating. Orange is the favourite colour of children. Therefore, every child should possess at least one orange toy or plaything. Orange is stimulating and produces vigour.

Gold is significant of glory, power, and wisdom.


Violet is a regal colour. It is the hue of sacrifice, and perseverance. The colour of violet acts as a sedative. It is subduing, being calm to ensure victory, and so serious, that it often produces melancholy. Violet is the colour of gravity, and it often has the tendency to cause brooding. It is spiritual in effect. It reaches lofty heights and is often veiled in mystery or secrecy. The symbol of violet is innocence.


Lavender is symbolical of passion. Lavender under brilliant light is positive, while violet as a pure colour is negative.

Violet Blue

Violet blue is stern, hard, unyielding, and gloomy.


White is the symbol of purity, virginity and chastity as it is untouched, uncontaminated, and has an unsullied appearance. Dressing a baby in white signifies purity. The prevailing custom in the United States is for the bride to wear white, a symbol of Virginity. Truth and innocence are portrayed in white. “He told a white-lie “means that he is essentially honest.

White is a cool colour as it reflects or transmits light rays. While it tends to keep heat rays out it does not offer protection against cold. It keeps the rays out of the refrigerator but it does not keep the cold in.

White colonial houses and white hats are a protection against the heat. If more water towers were painted white instead of aluminium or black the water supply would be more palatable. If goods wagons and motor-car tops were white or a highly reflective surface this would act as a protection against heat rays. White would be especially beneficial for goods wagons carrying food supplies such as vegetables and fruits.

The Prince of Peace is usually dressed in white.

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