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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal


A black surface reflects no light. Therefore a “black light or colour” does not exist but it merely represents the absence of light. Black is the antithesis of white. It is warm as it absorbs light and draws heat.

Black represents sorrow, repression, suppression, and gloom. Black is associated with woe and death (hearse and black clothes), and despondency. It signifies old age, darkness, evil, and illness. “The black of the night “means silence and gloom- the proper environment for evil deeds. Black is associated with fear. Some children are afraid to enter a dark room.

Rose And Pink

Rose is the higher vibration of red. It is significant of martyrdom. Rose and pink represent beauty, hope, and love.

Pink is the colour of modesty.


Brown signifies strength, solidity, vigour, and sometimes sadness or melancholy. It is associated with autumn. “The last leaf” is usually brown and beginning to wilt. Brown represents maturity and fruitfulness.

Use brown or tan in a café to stimulate an appetite.


Purple is associated with royalty. It is stately, dignified, and impressive. It is a psychic or spiritual colour endowed with wisdom. It is also the colour of mourning. Purple is a fairly neutral colour, being neither warm nor cold but between the two.

Possibly the reason purple was considered regal in ancient times was because it was the most costly colour and consequently only the rich or royalty could afford it.

Purple is a combination of red (the symbol of Egyptian after-life) and blue (eternity).


Grey is the colour of age. Hence, when we speak of a grey-haired lady or man we usually mean old. It is neutral in colour, being a combination of white and black. `White is lively and black is gloomy. White-grey is intermediate. Grey signifies maturity and ripened judgment. It is a slow colour; lacking vitality.


Green is the symbol of life and eternity. It is demonstrated in nature and represents spring or immaturity. It is a cooling colour, being neither warm nor cold. It is restful, bringing light and peace, since it is neither sad nor cheerful.

Green has also been given a negative meaning of envy and jealousy. Therefore, we hear the coined expression; “I’m green with envy” or “He looks positively green.”

To a Hindu the emerald proffered the gifts of knowledge and memory.

Green is the colour of immortality or eternal youth. It has a stabilizing effect, and produces tranquil joy.


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