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Palmistry: Lines for Love, Sexuality, Romance and Marriage_ Part1

1. I would have a first look at the horizontal lines at the outer edge of the Mount of Mercury. (Marriage lines). I count these lines and say that the number of marriages or love affairs would be equal to the number of these lines. (There are some exceptions.)
2. In the Western Countries where sexual relations before marriage are the general rule, these lines are also called lines of association or lines of affection.

3. My experience and study tells me that these lines may indicate less about marriage and more about the sexuality of a person. That is why the lines are also known as the lines of sexuality. To answer a question about marriage, the other lines on the palm must also be studied.

4. The firmness or the prominence of the Mount of Venus also indicates the amount of sexuality a person possesses. But the Mount of Venus also indicates the amount of human sympathy or the vital force of a person, but these lines near the Mount of Mercury only indicate sexuality. Need to study the Palm from various angles including the mounts.

5. Before the Hindu Code Act came on the statute book, a Hindu male could marry more than once; the Hindu women had no such right. Divorce had no legal sanction in Hindu religion. But, if the husband and wife could not get along, they could separate. The wife went back to her parents or the husband left his wife and went away. Even though such separation did not amount to divorce, but was very much similar in effect.

6. First have in mind the traditions, customs and law. The lines and mounts when be consulted to answer questions about marriage, divorce and inability to live together on the part of the husband and wife are being mentioned here in the order of their importance. Be cautious for interpreting the marriage lines which are also called the line of sexuality/Love.


7. Marriage Line is a horizontal line which enters the palm from the extreme percussion edge of the hand. That is why one must make a note of its position while taking a hand print. It starts from the edge of the palm and ends at the Mount of Mercury.

8. A line reaching the middle of the Mount of Mercury is a normal one; if it stops short of that point, it is short and if it goes beyond that it is considered to be long. If it reaches near the Mount of the Sun it is very long. I however believe that one single line of marriage in a palm merely indicates that the person has attraction for a person of the opposite sex. Two such lines indicate that the sexuality would endure for a long time.

9. If such lines are straight and well-defined, it is indicative of the fact that the person loves his suppose passionately. If there is no such line on a palm, the prominence of the Mount of Venus tends to make up that deficiency. A thick little finger with a long third phalange has a similar effect.
10. If there is no line of Marriage (sexuality) on a hand and the Mount of Venus is also level under-developed with the little finger being short and thin, there is no likelihood of that person possessing any sex urge. If the line is there but is indistinct, there is lack of interest in marriage and sexual relations. If the Mount of Moon is prominent then lack of interest is accentuated.

11. If the first part of the line is deep and the last one shallow a person loses interest in love, but conversely, if the line is shallow in the beginning and becomes deeper thereafter, love tends to become more intense. This proposition may need study of money hands specially of person getting to meditation, spiritualism, detachment etc.

12. If the line of sexuality is near the Heart Line it is an indication, according to some palmists, of early marriage. But I interpret such a line as indicative of sexuality becoming strong during adolescence, but if it is near the base of the little finger, the libido tends to increase after middle age.

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