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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 27


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Minor Common Ailments And Gems

Part 3


The protrusion of an organ or a part of an organ through the wall of the cavity normally containing it. It can be abdominal / concealed  congenital / incarcerated or internal hernia.

Gem Prescription:- Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.


Short, sharp aspiratory sound with spasm of the glottis and spasmodic lowering of the diaphragm.

Gem Prescription:- Gomedia 5 rattis on middle finger and Red coral 7 ½ rattis on anamika.


Inflammation of the larynx. It has many variations e.g. acute catarrhal/chronic/membranous/syphilitic/tuberculous laryngitis.

It is characterized by inflammation of the vocal chords or voice box.

Gem Prescription:- Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire 5 ratti.


Inflammation of the lining of small blood vessels or walls of the veins called phlebitis.

Gem Prescription:- Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire 5 rattis.

Chronic illness

Gem Prescription:- Red coral 7 ½ rattis and yellow sapphire 5 rattis.

Diseases of the urinary system, kidney

Gem Prescriptions:- Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and yellow sapphire 5 rattis.

Diseases of the feet

Gems prescription:-

1. Red corla 7 ½ rattis and yellow sapphire 5 rattis. Also use Red cloth or red thread around the right hand as additional remedy.

2. Gometha 5 rattis and Red coral 7 ½ rattis.

Diseases of the blood

Gem Prescription:- Emerald plus Red Coral plus Yellow Sapphire.

Stellar harmony between the doctor and the patient

Acknowledged experts in astro-medicine have observed that if there is no stellar harmony between the doctor and the patient, a case may be retarded or in extreme cases blocked together. If the patient has Aries as the ascendant on birth-chart, his doctor for best success should also have Leo or Sagittarius ascendant. If the doctor employed in this case should have cancer, Libra or Capricorn as the ascendant at the birth-chart, he would tend to affect, the patient adversely or cause him to get worse results.

Good and bad times for taking any medicines

Generally morning and evening are the best times for taking any medicines.

Proper time for wearing gems

Morning is the best time for wearing astral-gems. After bathing, and wearing fresh clothes, gems (herbs) metals may be worn on fingers as directed by the astrologers in order to get quick remedy.

Herbs for the Planets
Metals for the planets
Sun Bilya moot (root)
Moon Khirika mool
Mars Ananta mool
Mercury BridhadharakMool
Jupiter Bamarhati
Tin or gold
Venus Ram basak
Saturn Shet Berate
Rahu Shet Chandan
Ketu Aswagandha


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