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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 26


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Minor Common Ailments And Gems

Part 2


A condition marked by constipation, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting of bile and abdominal discomfort due to an excess of bile in the system.

Gem Prescription:- Pittambari Nila in 4 rattis on anamika. Those who are frightened to use Nila, they may use Emerald 5 rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.

Bladder ailments

The bladder is the membranous sac for a secretion. Normally there may be inability to urinate due to lack of muscular tone or a gall bladder stone.

Gem Prescription:- Red coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire 5 rattis or White coral 9 rattis.


A vesicular eruption of the body, almost peculiar to the young. It is a highly infections disease of childhood caused by a specific virus.

Gem Prescription:- Red coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis.


An acute infectious disease characterized by sever diarrhea of water type, vomiting, dehydration, oliguria, muscle cramps and marked weakness.

Gem Prescription:- Emerald 5 rattis and Pittambari Nila 4 rattis.

Dropsy or Edema

Excessive water retention somewhere in the body, usually the hands or legs. Edema may be caused by a sodium potassium imbalance. There may be swelling of the fingers or ankles.

The causes are allergy, malnutrition, heart and kidney disorders and glandular dysfunction.

Gem Prescription:- Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire 5 rattis. Red cloth or red thread should be used around the right hand as an additional remedy.


A disease of skin, characterized by scales, scabs, pustules or crusty deposits. It may be caused by a variety of conditions. Ranging from an allergic reaction to bacterial infection.

It is a non-infectious skin disease.

Gem Prescription:- White Coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire 5 rattis.


A cholestoterol bilirubin or protein stone that may form in gallbladder or in the duct leading from that organ. This causes inflammation of the gall-bladder and swelling of the bile-ducts. The symptoms are pain, nausea, vomiting and slight-fever chronic-indigestion.

Gem Prescription:- Pittambari Nila 4 rattis and Emerald 5 Rattis. The gem Yellow Sapphire in 5 Rattis may be used as additional gem in acute cases.

Goiter (Hypertrophy)

Increases of an organ or structure not caused by the formation of tumours. It is an enlargement of the thyroid gland of the neck or excess growth of cells there.

Gem Prescription:- White Coral 7 ½ rattis and yellow Sapphire 5 rattis.


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