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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 28

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Heartache And Gems

Part 1

The usual symptoms are shortness of breath after slight exertion, pain in the chest, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue etc. Worry is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases and anxiety is the great modern plague.
The best medicines for a victim of heartache is to return once again to the normal courses of your life and to keep yourself busy into the main stream of your life’s activities. It will be better to get yourself busy in simple walking and playing i.e. to get the blood move into your system. A secret of curing heartache is to be as normal as possible. There are various kinds of heart-diseases:-


A group of various respiratory infections, is commonly known as `flu’. It is a virus disease affecting the respiratory, nervous and gastro-intestinal system.
It is a kind of lung disease which is caused by an inflammation of bronchial tubes. It is usually accompanied by common cold, and fever.
It is purely a Mars disease as he gives all sorts of fevers and inflammatory complaints. Mars or Sun during transit or gochara movements when passes through the signs Gemini, Leo Aquarius causes bronchitis.
Two gems Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire may give adequate relief. The gem Moonstone will be found useful here.


An inflammation of the lungs with consolidation caused by bacteria, viruses or chemical irritants, is known as pneumonia. It is particularly a lung disease. The common symptoms are shaking chills, high and rising fever, knife-like pains in the chest, a painful cough, blood-flecked or rusty sputum.
In astrology, it is purely a Mars disease who is held to be responsible for giving all inflammatory complaints and fevers. Mars in Gemini or Leo during transit or at the birth-chart may cause this trouble. Jupiter in Gemini or Leo during transit or at birth-chart if heavily afflicted by the malefics causes this trouble, as he governs the lungs.
The Gems Emerald in 6 rattis, Red Coral 7 ½ rattis and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis, if used jointly may confer quick and permanent recovery.


Difficulty in breathing accompanied by wheezing sound. Dyspnoea. It may be either bronchial / cardiac / or renal asthma. It is the most serious allergic disease. The patient wheezes and coughs. Asthmatic patients usually suffer from sleeplessness.
In astrology, Saturn is the causative planet for this disease as he governs the breath. Saturn is responsible for worst, and chronic diseases. It is practically an incurable disease. Medicines have miserably failed to give complete cure. Gems here can come to solve this age-old problem, but gems can provide relief up to 60% and they will reduce the effect considerably and can provide sound sleep which is most essential and desirable for asthmatic patients. Here the planet Mercury plays an important part as he governs the brain nerves.
The prescription of gems for asthma is as under:

For Gents

1. Emerald in 6 rattis on middle finger plus Moonstone in 5 rattis on middle finger plus Yellow Sapphire in 4 rattis on anamika.
2. Emerald plus White Pearl (4 or 5 rattis) plus Blue Sapphire in 4 rattis on kanistha.
N.B. Red Coral in 4 rattis may be required as additional gem during winter months. Lapis Lazuli is a substitute for Blue Sapphire.

For Ladies

White Pearl in 10 or 12 rattis on two fingers anamika and kanistha of left hand.
The Moon rules over the breasts, stomach, ovary, generative organs, uterus, fallopian tubes, mind and mental structure all female horoscopes. So White Pearl is the only gem for ladies to wear.
It will protect them from all sorts of troubles.
Note:- Red coral in 4 rattis may be used during day time and it should be removed before retiring to bed at night. A horse-shoe iron ring on the middle-finger at night (when Red Coral is to be removed) will be found to be very useful. This horse-shoe iron ring will induce quick and sound sleep.


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