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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Lagna for writing yantras

Tantras very much advise to perform the rites in right Hora. In the Rudrayamal Tantra it has been given in detail to perform pooja/sadhana of mantra/yantras in every lagan. There are twelve zodiac signs and every lagan (ascendant) has been assigned for different work.

1. Aries (Mesha):- All Yantras for wealth are written during this lagan.

2. Taurus (Vrishbha):- If any devotee recite the mantras which are associated with their yantras during this lagan, for the purpose of Maaran, and Vidveshan, it is good.

3. Gemini (Mithun):-  It destroys progeny.

4. Cancer (Karka):- Auspicious for siddhi purposes.

5. Leo (Simha):- It destroys the intelligence.

6. Virgo (Kanya):- All mantras for Lakshmi (goodess wealth) etc. are to be recited.

7. Libra (Tula):- Auspicious for all types of yantras.

8. Scorpio (Varischak):- All yantras for gold gain etc. are to be recited as well as for victory over enemies.

9. Sagittarius (Dhanu):- It indicates loss of respect etc.

10. Capricorn (Makar):- It is an auspicious lagan for all works.

11. Aquarius (Kumbh):- It is auspicious for yantras of wealth, religious type and Siddhi (power of mantras) etc.

12. Pisces (Meena):- This lagan is termed as troublesome.

So Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces lagans are to be avoided.

As discussed previously, there are different types of Yantras to please different deities for different works. For pleasing the deities we have to invite them, energise their idol or yantra and request for a favour or mercy from them. The Shastras says that the yantra without worship is just like a piece of article on which the yantra is drawn. Therefore our holy saints laid down some procedures to get the best through the Yantras. The process has different stages.

1. Purification of the aspirant

2. Selection of place

3. Drawing of yantra

4. Purification of yantra/mantra

5. Energising yantra

6. Worship of yantra

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