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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Iconography in Yantras

According to Tantra texts the practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationship are the basic of yantras and these complex artistic forms and gestures are used as a kind of key to convey religious concepts. The basic figures of yantras are Outline of Yantra (Bhupura), Dot (Bindu), Six Point Star (Sathkon), Triangle (Trikon), Circle (Vrat), Square (Chaukor), Lotus (Kamal).

It may be worth to mention here that intersection of two geometric forms (lines, triangles, circles, etc.) represents forces that are even more intense than those generated by the simple forms. Such overlapping indicates a high level in the dynamic interaction of the correspondent energies. The empty spaces generated by such combinations are described as very efficient operational fields of the forces emanating from the central point of the Yantra. That is why we can very often encounter representations of mantras in such spaces. Yantra and mantra are complementary aspects of Shiva and their use together is much more efficient than the use of one alone. These signs represent different aspects in the Yantras. If these geometrical diagrams are sketched in a proper manner then the Yantras give their fruitful results.

Auspicious interval of time

Some particular period is assigned for writing the yantras. One should keep in mind these periods while writing the yantras.

Months:- The auspicious months for writing the yantras are Sharavana, Bhadrapad, Asvina, Kartik, Margshir, Vaishak, Pause, Magha, and Phalgun. These months are of Hindu Vikram Samvat. The yantras prepared during these months indicates successful results. They are beneficial for wealth, gold, gain, respect, comforts from children, promotion, success, education etc. The months of Chaitra, Jyestha, and Asar are middling for writing of yantras. Other months are not fit for writing yantras.

For success in business, wealth, victory, fulfillment of desires etc., the yantras be write during first ten days of a month. For love, affection of opposite sex, etc., ten to twentieth days of month are auspicious. During last ten days of month, yantras for spiritual attainment, defeat of enemy, separation should be prepared.

Paksha:- Every month has two pakhshas. One is Shukla and the other is Krishna paksha. Bright half is known as Shukla Paksha and Dark half is known as Krishna Paksha. It starts after sunrise. Shukla Paksha is better than Krishna Paksha. The former is auspicious whereas latter is average. The yantras be prepared and written for vashi karan during Shukal Paksha on seventh tithi morning. For success in business, the appropriate time is third or twelfth tithis. Uchattan, Maran etc., yantras are to be written during Krishna Paksha on second, sixth, seventh, or first, fourth, or fourteenth of Shukal Paksha. For Love affection etc., the best dates are eighth tithi in Krishna Paksha or fifth, tenth, eleventh, tithis in Shukal Paksha.

Nakshatra:- Hast and Pushya Nakshatra falling on Sunday are suitable for Kashatriya; Rohini and Mrigasira nakshatras falling on Monday are good for spiritual purposes; Aswini falling on Tuesday for jewelers; Anuradha on Wednesday for Brahmins; Pushya falling on Thursday for Vaish.; Rewati falling on Sunday is auspicious for persons in troubles, diseased and facing turmoil.

Day:- Monday morning is best for writing yantras for success in business Vashi karan and for recovery of diseases, the appropriate time is between morning and noon. Morning of Thursday and Friday is used for yantras relating to promotion, wealth etc. Saturday and Tuesday are termed appropriate days for Maaran, Uchattan, separation, enemy etc. Sunday and Wednesday are good days for controlling speech etc., and time is between noon and evening. The evening time is good for dream control etc.

There are some digits assigned to specific planets and deities. In case a particular deity is to be appeased, that particular digit is to be written first. This also applies to the directions.


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