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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Some precautions for the devotee while energizing yantra and performing pooja.

1. Select a suitable place for the initiatory rites such as a Temple, holy centre, secluded spot etc. This is for the sake of getting the deity favourably disposed.

2. He shall cut the spot into nine straight line figures and write the seven sets of letters as well as La (y) and (d) in the figures beginning with the eastern one with the Vowels in the centre.

3. Seat is to be in that direction for the performance of Japa, where the initial letter of the name of the place selected comes in the geometrical figures. It shall not be in any other spot that is likely to produce misery.

4. Japa in a low whispering voice or mentally. He shall take only Havisya (Rice mixed with ghee) at night and three baths every day. Oil bath is not allowed.

5. At the time of the Japa excitement, idleness, spitting, getting angry, stretching of legs, conversation with others and seeing unconcerned per5sons should be avoided.

6. Intimate talk with women and persons who do not have knowledge of shastras, censuring others, chewing betel leaves, sleeping during the daytime, acceptance of monetary gifts, dance, music and evasiveness of behaviour ought to be avoided.

7. Lying on the bare ground, celibacy (in strict sences includes no kissing or intimacy), worshipping of the deity thrice a day, special worship on stipulated occasions, singing of the hymns of the deity and faith should strictly be adhered to.

8. Everyday he shall repeat the names (Japa) for the same number of times, neither less nor more. After concluding the Japa Homa should be performed for one tenth of the number of Japas.

9. The articles to be used for Homa are those mentioned in the respective ritualistic and ceremonial codes.

10. By means of the Mula mantra the devotee shall perform Pranayama and sadanga Nyaasa.

11. The sacrificial pit be made holy or the selected spot by the Mula mantra etc. for performing the four rites namely Iksana (seeing) Proksana (sprinkling), Tadana (beating) and Secana (scattering in continuous drops). The Iksana rite is by means of the Mula mantra. The Prokshna rite is by means of the Mantra Astriiya Phat. The Tadana rite is gentle beating with the Kusa grass. The pouring rite of secana is by means of the closed first uttering the Mantra Hum.


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