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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Santana Gopala Yantra for Progeny
Legend says that one who worships Shri Mahavishnu, the Supreme protector, will be free from all sorrows. When he is propitiated in the form of Lord Krishna, He is all the more ready to bestow gifts to the devotees. Surrender to Lord Krishna, especially when one is yearning for progeny. Contemplate on the form of Nanda Gopal (little Krishna) to get the gift of progeny.

When putrakaraka Jupiter and the 5th house are not well disposed in a natal hart, blessing of offspring is delayed or even denied sometimes. To overcome this affliction worship of Santana Gopala Yantra is recommended.

The yantra can be made on Gold or drawn on butter which is favourite offering of Lord Nanda Gopala (lord Krishna). When butter is used, draw the yantra on the fresh butter and the butter is to be consumed daily by the couple after the pooja. Strict vegetarian food is advocated for the couple during the days of worship. The following mantra is to be chanted for one hundred thousand times for forty eight days. The worship is done with lotus, tulsi leaves, rose, jasmine and food for offering are butter, honey, mixture of cooked rice, sugar and cow’s milk.

The mantra for recital is:-

Devaki Sutha Govinda Vasudeva jagatpathe Dehi me tanayam Krishna twamaham sharanam gathah||

During the mensuration the lady have to take a break as she is not clean. Now the husband should continue with it.

Dhyana Verse
Dhyayami balakam Krishnam Matrake Sthanyapayiam Srivastavakshsam Kantham Neelothpala dala chavim||

Seed mantra for the worship is:-

Om Shreem Hreem kleem Gloum||
The other method of this mantra is, on dashmi tithi of shukal paksh perform pooja of Lord Krishna, Shiva or your deity. For pooja draw or procure swastika and pour over it, to fill a lamp with ghee and light the lamp with cotton wick. Make a eight petal lotus and put idol of Lord Krishna etc., inside it and perform pooja. Fill two bowls or jug with water and install them. Perform their pooja these are called kalash.

After that invocate Lord Krishna in those kalashes and perform pooja. Recite one hundred eight times above mantra. On dwadshi tithi perform pooja of deity. Prepare khir of Anghai rice in cow milk and jiggery and offer to deity as Bhog or diet. Along with fruits, pulse sweetened and tasteful diet, curd of milk of kapila cow is also to be included. Put them in Golden plates (or as you can afford) and offer to your deity. The clear water mixed with rose water is offered along with diet.

After that, according to the financial position invite Brahmins for lunch. Perform homa with above khir by putting hundred and eight offerings or twenty eight times while reciting the mantra. The balance khir be preserved. Put eight hundred offerings of ghee in sacred fire of homa. The balance ghee should be put in both kalashes containing water. The water should be sprinkled over husband and wife. The devotee should recite hundred and eight times the mantra and balance khir kept be given in the hands of couple, couple should sit on a comfortable seat.

During the worship keep the idol in their thoughts and eyes and keep the desire for birth of a child and pay homage to Brahmins, who bless the couple for the birth of a child. The couple should take lunch. In this way the child born will be quite lucky. In case, any body can not spend as above they should recite the above mantra and perform tarpan. He too will be blessed with a child. The devotee is advised to read santan gopal stotra along with the mantra.


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