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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Sun Yantra
Lord Sun is among panch deva. He is soul of all living beings. He is at par to Narayan hence is also called Surya Narayan. He is vedic devata and has reference in Regveda (1/115/1). He is lord of the eight planets Our saints were of the opinion that the devotee who recites Surya Gayatri regularly will not face any problems through out his life. Sun god dispels ailments, poverty, eye related problems and increases fame etc. The mantra of Sun for recital is:-

Om Hrim Ghrnih Surya Adityah Srim||

The sage of this mantra is Devabhaga; the metre is Gayatri and the deity is Sun-god, the lord of the day. Hrim is the Bija and Srim is Sakti. The application is for realization of cherished desires.

Dhyana verse
Bhasavdarratnadayamoli safoorddharrucha rangitscharukeshoo Bhaswa yo divsteja karakmalyuta sawaranvarna parbhabhi|
Vishwakashavakashe grahgansahitoo bhati yaschodayadroo sarvaanandpardata hariharnamita patu ma vishwachakshu||

The mantra is repeated for one hundred thousand times and Homa is performed for one hundred thousand times with lotus and gingelly (Jinjili) seeds and liberations are offered. If the yantra is worshipped through aditya Hridyam Sun God bestows all his blessings on the devotee. Thereafter feed Brahmins. One should offer Argha to Sun after the yantra has been perfectly realized. After the regular performance of Pranayama, Qanga Nyasa and other Nyasa as well Lord Sun is to be adored mentally with the requisite ancillary items in his own yantra consisting of dot, hexagon, two circles, eight petal lotus enveloped by one bhupura, drawn on copper, gold or bhojpatra.


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