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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Introduction, Chapter I, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 5

Now here a very simple method is described that one can follow or prescribe to others without fear of setting up some sort of a karmic cascade. The first step in this is to determine planets that are likely to represent significant karmic areas. Some of the nativities would be very aware of their selves, they would have done the basic homework and this can be quite effective and helpful to the Astrology. Something as important and as ancient a companion such as our Karma, the body of our actions, cannot be expected to leave its signature only in our charts! It would leave its traces in our palm prints, our thoughts and actions, our experiences in life and in cyclic and repetitive actions or circumstances that are strategically placed along our path to attract our attention from other distractions in life!

Whether one enters into the study of a horoscope after knowing about the background of experiences that the client has had, particularly when the client is spiritually mature and has no need to play guessing games or the need for proof that astrology works, an expensive exercise, by the way, since he or she is the one who is paying for it, or one discerns certain accumulations of energies and strains in a chart, things such as polar opposite planets, such as Venus and Mars, or Mars and Saturn, or Saturn or the Sun when present in the same sign or Nakshatra, or when benefics, particularly luminaries, the Sun and the Moon are in close proximity to the lunar nodes, or when a planet is combust because of its closeness to the Sun when it is malefic in a horoscope, such as for someone with Pisces, Virgo or Capricorn rising – in such situations, one needs to look further into the areas represented by the afflicted planets. Planetary energies often manifest in many different ways and the beginner, or for that matter advanced Jyotishi, must not be shy to ask questions to confirm and to aid in ones diagnosis, especially when a costly remedy is being formulated. A reading is not a wrestling match or a game of minds, and it certainly has no room for showmanship. It is a serious opportunity where much spiritual sharing can take place with lessons learned by both the client and the astrologer on many planets. The best attitudes that both the astrologer and client can be in is one of complete openness and surrender, not to each other, but to the Supreme Intelligence that is overseeing the beautiful sharing that a Jyotish reading is!

From a karmic perspective the trines (Trikonas) are the most benefic houses and so are their lords functionally benefic planets. The planet that rules a trine and angle, also known as Yoga karaka is also an important benefic. The planets that rule the Trik-Bhavas, the `Tricky’ ones, the sixth, eighth and the twelfth are the malefics. Obviously, these houses are functionally malefic areas in a given chart! Write down these planets, in two lists, the benefics and malefics under the horoscope that you are studying. Many consider the death-signifying planets, the Marakas, and the Kharesha or the lord of the 22nd Drekkana falling in the 8th house or the one ruling the 64th Navamsha from the Moon, or the sign lord ruling the Mandi or Gulika sign, etc. Let us leave these aside for now. The death-dealing planets in particular, there are some reservations against calling these as malefics! Death is a transition, not finality. Although it is a certainly, despite our myopic view of reality, it need not be treated as some malefic milestone along the path of the soul’s journey!

Now look for flaws in the list of benefics that you have prepared. Are any of these also ruling the Trika or 6th, 8th, 12th houses? Out they go from the list of benefics! Is one of these also a natural benefic and ruling the Kendra houses, it loses some points as a benefic. The planets that remain after these comparisons and considerations then need to be looked at. How strong are these, based on standard scales of strength, Shadbala, Vimshopak or through the simplified system. Does a planet stand out in being unusually weak? This is the one that might need some help! Then we look at the malefics in the same way. Is one planet more malefic than the others? Is it also strong in Bala? This is the one that might need to be focused on. The weak malefic is a blessing in disguise, the strong benefic is a blessing that is already manifest! The weak benefic and the strong malefic planets are the ones that require remedial assistance! Here one should deliberately refrain from getting into the more detailed and useful analysis of Varga charts other than mentioning that often the remedial hint shows up strongly in a specific Varga chart (marriage – Navamsha, trouble with vehicles – Shodashamsha, with progeny – Saptamamsha, etc.). However, the basic principles remain the same.


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