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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Introduction, Chapter I, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

Selecting a gemstone is a complex, tricky and time-consuming process. Even many practicing astrologers get discouraged, start cutting corners and eventually lose faith in the efficacy of using gems as remedies. Some also start adopting less effective alternative approaches such as using secondary and tertiary stones, all of which exercises eventually lead to disillusionment and crushed expectations. Not only must the gemstone conform to the physical and chemical specifications (purity, specific gravity etc.), it must be of the right size as well. And, it must be worn and tested by the individual for a few days before accepting it. This requires a very cooperative, understanding and conscientious jeweller.

Each syllable of a Mantra has some specific sound vibration, for instance Om is universal sound vibration. The specific grouping of these sound vibrations of the syllables of Mantra has an impact on the mental and psychic consciousness. The powerful vibrations created by Mantra chanting stroke the “Chakras” to attract divine forces. This process mysteriously heal our spiritual, physical and psychological body. It is very important that Mantra chanting should be enjoyed and one must surrender to this experience. Different types of Mantras contain different types of vibrations in it. If you shall chant a Mantra for 10 minutes everyday, then, within few days you shall know whether the vibrations of that particular Mantra feel right for you. If the Mantra you chant is given by some competent Guru then you are fortunate and if you have to select it on the basis of your choice in that case you make it sure that it must appeal to the mind fully when spoken verbally.

Mantras are very effective means of propitiating planets, regardless of whether they are weak or strong, malefic or benefic. More than just prayers or cleverly strung together sound vibrations that have a primordial resonance with the energies of the Creation, Mantras can serve as effective barriers, as well as dynamic expressions of the soul-being. When we chant a Mantra for a given planet, we are not merely paying our respect to it, or our surrender, but we are in essence becoming one with the energies represented by the planetary essence. Unless the Mantra permeates our very being, whether we understand the meaning of the words or not, unless it perfuses through each and every cell of our physical and other bodies, it would not become effective. There is much truth in the vital importance of the process of initiation and attunement to a certain Mantra, preferably through the blessings of Jupiter, as these requisites are thought to make the Mantra come alive.

Probably the most important and practical remedial procedure that is explored by the Indian astrologers and found to be extremely effective in their experience involves penance, fasting and charity. It must be realized that not all Karma can be dissolved away with Uppaayes or remedies. Not all Karma needs to be dissolved. Karma is what generates our lessons and if we are not here in this earthly plane to learn, then why are we here?

Astro-remedies must not become a hermit crab’s borrowed shell! It is true that they can often very effectively shield one from pain and loss while increasing insight and wisdom, but the seeds of Karma often remain unaltered unless they are faced head on and understood, the pain felt and released so that true healing may begin. Fasting, volunteering ones services and charity are basically statements of ones intent to voluntarily experience pain, deprivation, hardship, so that one can resolve issues. Unlike the eye for an eye misconception, Karma is no mindless executioner. Any remedial measures must not be indulged into as a `trade’ or barter with God. It must be carried out as recognition of personal responsibility, at some level of ones existence, for what is happening and as a means of atoning for it. One must always remember that today’s Karma was yesterday’s act of free-will!


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