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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Introduction, Chapter I, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 6

Wearing the color represented by the strong benefic is helpful. Fasting on the days represented by the strong malefic is helpful. The best help one can give a weak benefic is to wear its gemstone, but the earlier described conditions apply. Helping charities signified by the weak benefic planet is something one can easily do, or working as a volunteer to support the causes represented by the weak benefic is another thing that can be done. How to find the causes? This is where our lists of significators and Karakattwa of planets come in handy. A good compendium is provided in Uttarakalamrita, and other texts. Effort is what it is all about! It is the Karma of most Jyotishis to work hard in sifting the large body of information that is available through the horoscopes in order to synthesize meaningful patterns out of those!

One of the roles of astrologers is to identify the afflicting planets in the birth chart, but also to advise and prescribe methods to alleviate or counteract those negative effects or sufferings caused by those adverse planets.

Those alleviating remedial measures are called “Upayes” or “Upayas”. First we have to understand the notion of “fixed” and non-Fixed karmas.

The Karmas can be classified in three ways, according to the possibilities of changing it:

Dridha or Fix karma, is the karma which is very difficult or impossible to avoid or change (only Divine grace could do it).

It is identified in the birth when there are many adverse indications showing the same affliction, usually repeated on the divisional charts, repeated from the Moon ascendant (Chandra lagna) and without any benefic aspects of other planets or other placements suggesting the contrary. The more the indications showing the same thing in the chart, the more difficult it will be to change or avoid the results.

If the same indication is shown while reading the chart from lagna, Chandra lagna and Surya lagna at the same time (sudharshana chakra) and there are no alleviating factors or aspects, the situation may be extremely difficult to change.

Adridha or non-fixed karma is the karma which can be change with a minimum effort, or the effect doesn’t last long enough to create a problem.

This can happen when there are actions done in the past, which neutralize or compensate each other.

An example of that: suppose someone has done a wrong action like stealing in a past life, but after that he has also done a lot of charity and help to other people. He may still have to experience some negative result due to the wrong action, done in the previous births perhaps being stolen or loose something dear, but because of the other and predominant good actions he may get unexpected donations, wealth, get help from others and recover the loss.

This can be seen on the chart when there is an affliction, but there are many other factors which bless the house or indicate the opposite result. For example, let’s say, there is a negative planet placed on a certain house, but the ruler of the house is exalted in another good house, hemmed between two benefic planets, and aspected by more than one benefic planet. The problem may still have to be experienced and will manifest in certain time of the life, but it can be overcome easily or even turned into something good at the end.

Dridha-Adridha is the mixed kind of situation, when the karma can be changed, but only after intense and prolonged effort.

Suppose you see several adverse indications of affliction to a certain house or area of life in the birth chart, but there are some benefic planets aspecting it or some other alleviating factor in the chart. Most people’s chart is of that kind, a mixed karma. It is here that finding the right type of Upaye can be very helpful for the concerned person.

One key to find the most appropriate Upaye is to see which are the planets that are beneficial in the chart, and especially those planets that are throwing good benefic aspects to an afflicted area of the chart, and find the way to boost them, strength or amplify their signjification.

For example, if Venus is a benefic planet for a chart and is aspectiing an afflicted planet or house, it may indicate that the remedy will be related with Venus significations, and the remedy could be Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan, Poojas, opening the heart and love, being more social, listen or play music, arts, wearing appropriate Gemstones, aromatherapy, etc.

If Saturn is a benefic influence and help in the chart, then it may indicate that the remedy is more related with the strengthening of the self-discipline, responsibility, austerity, selfless service, fasting and etcetera.


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