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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yoga, Chapter II, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ashtaang Yoga

Part 2

Develop a mature faith, philosophy and believe system, being practical at the same time. Learn proper relationship with teachers. Respect and support religious people and values. Follow dharma, righteousness and justice in daily life. Accept an honest, mature and wise person as Guru, do service to him/her and learn about spiritual knowledge.

Learn to enjoy life in a healthy and “sattvic”, pure way. Heal the sexual relationships. Sublimate the grosser sexual energy, avoiding attachment to sensual pleasures and over indulgence.

Transform the need of love from a physical level into a spiritual and divine compassion. Recognise the beauty of the creation as a manifestation of the divine presence and grace. Become an artist as an instrument of God’s creation work. Recognize the beauty of woman and the female qualities as a manifestation of the divine mother or cosmic Shakti. Bhakti Yoga is indicated.

Saturn indicates areas that we have to focus and develop responsibility. Develop inner strength and capacity to bear the hardships of life.

Develop strict inner discipline but without repression of the human love and compassion.

Learn to be humble, work hard and serve other people as a duty, without feeling humiliated or expecting nothing in return.

Practice of concentration, austerities, fasting and seclusion for spiritual strengthening.

Work hard for the benefit of others without expectations, as an offering to God. Serve the Sick, afflicted and poor people. Karma Yoga is indicated.

Rahu and Ketu show the play of “Raga-Dwesha”, the attractions and repulsions that take place constantly in the mind of a sub-conscious level. They are the factors that create the mental agitation and lack of mental peace.

Rahu’s afflictions can be related with subconscious turmoil coming from unresolved situations from previous lives.

It indicates a need to understand the unconscious and subconscious mind and bring the unresolved issues into a conscious state.

Rahu’s attraction to the dark and hidden areas can easily tune to lower or negative astral entities and lead to adharmic actions. Beware of wrong type of spiritual practices which can damage or open too much the astral body. Avoid negative places and people and any kind of intoxication. Be aware and sublimate the strong inner desires.

Rahu is related with strong compulsive desires and fears which are usually unconscious and come from the frustrations of previous lives. They can easily turn into addictions.

Rahu’s Yogic remedy is basically to introspect, recognize and detach from the mind’s strong desires.

Channel and express your personal ambitions and desires toward a higher and spiritual goal, without becoming obsessed and without expecting powers or astral experiences.

Overcome fear by developing spiritual  strength, esoteric knowledge, faith, devotion and detachment.

Ketu shows a need to renounce the lower Ego, the materialistic attachments, and change the previous “Samskaras” or mental impressions and tendencies, we bring from the past lives.

Ketu shows something we may have done too much on the past and now there is a need to compensate for that. Ketu feels guilty about the personal ego and mistakes done in the past.

Ketu shows a need to spiritualize the areas of life indicated by its house and sign placement, or the planets it conjuncts. It usually does that by creating separation or dissatisfaction towards the related area of life.

The best ways to manage the Ketu energy is by spiritual practices like seclusion, meditation, introspection, renunciation, study of ancient spiritual disciplines and Vedanta philosophy, following the intuition, understand death and the ephemeral nature of the material and sensual world.

Both Rahu and Ketu have to be understood as an axis, which shows the play of “Raga and Dwesha”, the desires and repulsions that swing the mind and steal the inner peace.

Understanding their patterns is most important for solving and working out the karmas and inner conflicts.

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