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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Part 1
Astrological mantras are Sanskrit phrases, the effects of which (when chanted) are known. It is primarily the vibration of the sounds on the human nervous system which will cause the subtle positive effects on the person and neutralize the harmful energy indicated by an afflicted planet. Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas, the Indian body of knowledge which predates religion and is said to have been cognized by ancient enlightened beings. It is reversed as a pure language because there is essentially no difference between a particular word and the object if describes. This is called “name and form.” These prayers of a sort to invoke the grace of a planetary energy to lessen its negative effects as revealed in the horoscope.

Mantras are commonly used in India and have also withstood the test of time. Regarding proof of their power, it is simply up to the reader to test these practices and draw conclusions based upon experience. It is noted that Indians generally accept such matters on faith and also have great patience, the latter being a necessarily for the use of mantras. Their behaviour is not without reason, as anyone having been to India for any length of time may understand. The mantra related to planets can be classified broadly into four groups. Some are recited any time, any where. Some are used in pooja procedures and some are used for conducting japa shanty.

Mantras, in India, are not closely guarded secrets despite what many people think. They are widely available in common print. In recent years, as Hindu teachers have gone out to the West to spread their knowledge, many have through experience seen fit to attach a great privacy to the techniques they have given out. The West is an entirely different culture than the East, and their actions were likely quite appropriate. However, it should not be concluded that because these ancient mantras are in print they are not effective or genuine. Even the cautiously guarded T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) mantras are said to have been printed in India over 20 years ago by the founder of that movement in a book entitled Beaconlight of the Himalayas.

Regarding the procedure of chanting, one may be sitting, standing, or walking while practicing, but the best effects are gained when the chanting is done softly and gently. Although the instruction of chanting does not include dwelling on the meaning of the mantra, the process should be a conscious one. During the practice one may notice his attention easily focusing on the vibration of the sound within the body. A very peaceful and relaxing state will result when this is done property. The chanting should be smooth and repeated somewhat in a monotone to fully appreciate the vibrations, but the rate of speed may be as quick as desired.
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